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October 4, 2017

Photography by Lee Britto ( contact:

Top: H&M; Jeans: H&M; Bag: H&M (very similar here); Necklace: Handmade Gift ( Very Similar here); Shoes: Nordstrom Rack ( very Similar here also seen in previous posts here)

Although I work in a clothing store part time, and am constantly surrounded by clothing I tend to have moments where, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I can't find a thing to wear.  I know we have all been there.  We search through every drawer, closet ( yes I have a few ), and still nothing.  Everything has already been photographed, or doesn't quite make your chakras feel all the way aligned.  This was the case the day I was supposed to attend the quintessential naturals tour and could not for the life of me find a single solitary thing to put on my body that made me feel flawless.  So after creating a giant pile on my floor I decided to hit plan B.  You may be thinking what's plan B?  Plan B is go in there and start thinking all the way outside the box. 

When in doubt, make an outfit.  No literally make an outfit people, create one,  tailor one, use your magic to make something new out of something old.  So I pulled out an old Chambray shirt and decided to play around with it ( and of course used the wonderful assistance of a great youtube video by Notorious Kia ). 

To recreate this look all you have to do is take any button up shirt and button it up to your chest until it is tight enough to stay in place.  Do not put your arms through the sleeves but instead use them to tie a bow underneath your chest.  This will create a super cute tube top look.  I personally would suggest an oversized distressed denim shirt to add to the relaxed feel of this look.  But most importantly, just have fun!!

What are some ways you restyle old pieces in your wardrobes?

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