Pretty Palazzos

September 26, 2017

                                    (Photography by Lee Britto
Top: H&M (Similar here); Pants: H&M (Similar here); Necklace: Aldo ; Sandals: Nordstrom Rack (Similar here)

Theres something about palazzo pants that I absolutely adore.  I don't know if its that it often hides the fact that I haven't had a pedicure in weeks, or that it provides all the benefits of feeling like your not wearing pants while preventing you from getting you arrested.  But whatever the reason is I can't get enough of them.  Last summer I got my first pair, and was a little skeptical they may look very "that 70;s show" but they were actually super cute.  So instead of getting just one pair I went ahead and decided to get two.

They tend to pair really well with a body suit or something a little more fitted up top to balance out how wide and flowy they are.  Although I got this particular pair from H&M ages ago theres a few cute pairs available herehere, and here.  If you want an outfit option thats boho, stylish, and hella comfy this is definitely a prime choice.

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