The Winter Coats You Never Knew You Needed

November 3, 2020

There is a very short list of things that are good about the winter.  Like short short, like you can write it all out on a post it note.  But on that short list, one of the items that brings a little joy to winter is Jackets and Coats and all the beauty they bring to a look.  Over here on the east coast it's already getting pretty cold, and once the temperatures drop to a certain level our outfits just become outerwear.  You probably won't even see what we have on underneath very often.  It's just a lot of hats, scarves, and coats shuffling around.

If you follow me on Instagram ( which you absolutely should be) then you saw that I posted a link to one of my favorite winter coats recently and a lot of you bought it.  That's when I realized you might be in the market for some winter coat options and with so many places to look I figured I would do the leg work and round up a few good ones for you.

So check out some of the options below.  If you click any of the items it will take you straight to the website to check out the prices and details.  

Happy Shopping my loves!

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