Odd Jar

February 13, 2018

After shooting some content a few weeks ago with my photographer, he asked me if I wanted to make a run with him to go to a vintage shop named Odd Jar, he would be working with soon.  Seeing that the only thing on my agenda for the day was watching insecure for the second time with a side of wine, I agreed,  Now when he said "vintage" I expected your typical racks and racks of items that would take a few hours to sift through, but thats certainly not what I got.

Photography: Lee Britto Photography; All Clothing from Odd Jar

Odd jar really lives up to its name, but in the most creatively interesting and exciting way.  If an art gallery and a clothing boutique had a baby it would be Odd Jar.   When you first walk in their is art EVERYWHERE.  Even some of the clothing has been made into art.  I was immediately in sensory overload when I walked in, but I got straight to what I do best; SHOPPING.

I'm so used to going into a thrift store and spending HOURS searching through every single rack trying to find at least one thing that I like.  Welp, that certainly wasnt my issue this time!  Much to the dismay of my bank account I found SEVERAL things I immediately fell in love with.  It actually got to a point where I had to have come to Jesus meeting about what I could realistically buy.  It was not an easy decision, I seriously wanted it all.   There were so many, blazers, gowns, rompers, accessories, it was all so overwhelming.  It was the perfect mix of vintage and current brands.  One of the things, I loved most about this store is their ability to customize pieces.  The owner is an artist and is able to add artwork to jackets, bags, furniture, pretty much whatever you can think of.  You can also pick up some very unique art for your home while your there. 

So if you live in the Philadelphia area I highly recommend stopping by.  I promise you will be taking many more trips there after your first visit.  This current look is from a shoot I did with them. Of course I ended up buying it lol.  I mean look at it, absolutely adorable.

Thigh Highs Save Lives

February 6, 2018

Thigh high boots is a trend I kind of avoided because I just never thought I would be able to pull them off, but there is something about their demure way of being sexy that really blows my mind.  I love a chic sexy look, but at the same time I'm a grandmother at heart.  My entire fall and winter wardrobe consists of multiple turtleneck sweaters and long dresses and skirts.  Don't get me wrong I'll throw on a tight dress here and there, maybe even a low cut top once in a while, but typically I like to keep it grandma chic.

Sweater Dress: H&M; Thigh High Boots: Aldo; Earrings: Similar Style

I recently got a pair of really cute taupe thigh high boots to fulfill my urge but it wasn't enough.  For the past 3 weeks I have been looking everywhere for the perfect pair.  One of the biggest issues that I've had is that I have the teeniest little ankles and a thick thigh.  Now that doesn't bother me one bit as far as my actual build goes, but it drives me absolutely insane in terms of my boots staying up.  The other day as I strutted around work and my boots slid down to my ankles every 5 second, looking so very sad and pathetic, enough was enough.  So after weeks of searching every store in the mall, and scouring tons of online sites I finally found these beauties and I am completely in love with them.

I got this specific pair from Aldo.  They are a black faux suede with a snake imprint on them.  But most importantly they are unbelievably comfortable.  Are you loving thigh high boots this season, and whats your favorite way to wear them.

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

January 29, 2018

Oh the weather outside is frightful.  Like absolutely blistering cold.  There really is not many positives to these super frigid temperatures we have been having, EXCEPT having the opportunity bust out some really adorable sweaters.  I'm a summer baby so I don't do well with the cold, but fall and winter trends have always been my favorite looks.

Photography by Lee Britto
Sweater: Similar style here; Jeans: H&M; Necklace: Aldo; Shoes: Lucky Brand;
Sunglasses: H&M

So this winter has been a really rough one.  Here on the east coast it's been outrageously cold, and there really has not been many positives to these super frigid temperatures we have been having. One of the very very few upsides to the cold is finally getting the chance to bust out some of your favorite sweaters. 

This year I wanted my winter wardrobe to be as comfortable as possible, like still wrapped up in my comforter kind of cozy.  So when I saw this sweater dress it was love at first sight.  Thanks to the dress and jeans trend I have the option to either dress this down or  let it be a little sexy.  For this look I decided to keep it casual since I was on my way to brunch.  Without jeans it would have been a little bit too much thigh for that early in the day.  Don't get me wrong I plan on also styling this with a pair of statement knee high boots, because a little thigh after 5pm ain't never hurt nobody.

What do you guys look for in a sweater dress?  Comment below.

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