Quadpay, the ULTIMATE shopping game changer

November 28, 2019

Confession time, I'm a shopaholic.  It's an addiction that I'm not proud of but also brings me great joy.  What can I say, people, I like nice things.  Although there isn't anything wrong with treating yourself from time to time there is something very wrong with not knowing where the limit to that lies.  This is something that I can honestly say I struggle with regularly.  If I want it I buy it and I suffer the consequences of that decision later.  Smart? Absolutely not, a reality yes.  But the thing is that this is not just my reality it is a reality for many other people as well.  So how can we live a life where we can enjoy having the things we want while still exercising financial responsibility.  It's one word, one service that many people have not been informed about, but your girl is always here to share.  It's called Quadpay and it's your new best friend.

What is Quadpay

Quadpay is a magical service that allows you to take the entire total of purchase and split it into 4 interest-free payments deducted from your chosen method of payment every 2 weeks.   The vital difference with Quadpay and other similar services is that it allows you to use this service anywhere as opposed to its competitors that only offer partner with select retailers.  Yes, I said anywhere and I meant what I said.  Another incredible game-changing feature is that it allows you to use this option while you are physically in store.  This was really what sold me on this company.  When I first downloaded the app I got it because I wanted the Staud Crocodile bag ( worn here and here) and Quadpay was the only option.  I had not heard of this service previously but I wanted the bag so bad that I figured looking into this Quadpay thing was worth the try.  When I downloaded the app originally, it was still in beta-testing and I was placed on a "stay tuned" list. Three weeks later I received an email stating that I was off the list and could use the $500 they had given me anywhere and anytime. Since my job is to test it out and bring you back the tea, of course, I had to take it for a spin immediately.

How Does It Work

First things first, download the app. Once you are verified to purchase using the app, you have the option of using your QuadPay card both online and in-store If you choose to use it online it's pretty simple.  Once you put in the exact dollar amount of your purchase ( to the cent) you just need to agree to the 4 payment amounts and the card that you would like it to pull from.   Once you have done that Quadpay will generate card numbers at the bottom of the screen for you to utilize as your form of payment, instead of your own card information.  In-store use is even easier.  You follow the same initial steps as online, except when it is time to pay at the card reader Quadpay will generate a virtual card for you to add to your apple wallet, and you will use that card to pay.  Exactly as you would if you were using your own card with apple pay.  Easy as 1, 2 , CHA-CHING!

Is This A Credit Card Sis?

Absolutely not! There is no credit check, no exchange of social security numbers, none of that.  This is as simple as buy now and pay later.  The only fee's you incur is a $1 fee added on to each payment and $7 fee for late payments.  Other than that you are in the clear.  I tested this out for 6 months just to try to find out what the catch was.  Well, six months later I'm here to tell you there is absolutely no catch.  It is truly as straightforward and easy as it sounds.

Being able to use this service has allowed me to buy far more things than I typically would have been able to.  Ya'll know I do not buy full price, but I can honestly say over the last few months of using this service I have been able to buy higher price point items without feeling the financial burden of it.  I typically wait until payday to make my purchases so I know in the next two weeks when my payment comes out it will land on a day when my account overfloweth.  I really do love this service so so sooooo much.  Anyone that knows me personally already has been using it because I talk about it to anyone that will listen.  In the last two months, I've been able to purchase an entire skincare regimen from Sephora, indulge in the Zara sale ( whole Zara outfit here), buy my Staud bag,  and buy a ton of new H&M looks ( these H&M looks were all purchased with Quadapay herehere, and here).  Having the ability to split the cost of these purchases throughout several checks has also allowed me to allocate more funds towards creating content, which in turn has led to more brand collaborations, and more creativity on my end.  It has truly changed the game for me and I am so thankful to have found them.

So go ahead and buy all the things you like while still making sure your bills are paid.

To make things super easy for you click the link below to download the app, and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Camille ♥ 

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