A Beautiful Mistake

October 10, 2017

Photography by Lee Britto (contact at LMBritto30@gmail.com)
Blouse: Zara (Similar by Mango); Blazer: H&M ( Similar by Boohoo); Hat: Forever 21 ( Similar by Halogen); Shoes: Aldo (Same on Amazon ); Bag: Celine ( Similar by Aldo ); Earrings: H&M

Sometimes outfits happen accidentally, and the result is a beautiful mistake.  I have been out for 4 nights straight (which is way out of character for me because I am pretty much a grandma), and my little fro did its best to hold up through the dancing, sweating, manipulating, and being slept on.  So this morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror my hair was on its final leg.  It was EXTREMELY dry and felt like a brillo pad, but it was Saturday and sunny and there was no way I was staying in the house.  Typically when this happens I find a scarf and tye my hair up under an elaborate turban, but today I really felt like wearing it out and having a more polished look.  Unfortunately for me, my hair wasn't on board with those plans.

As I stared in the mirror and tried to figure out what in the world I was about to do, I happened to see my black wool hat that has been sitting in a corner in my room for about 2 years now.  I've never worn it and have had no idea how to, but today was the day to give it one last try.  I should also share that I have the largest head ever and I barely ever wear hats because, well, none of them ever fit this noggin.  Luckily today, all the stars aligned and the odds were forever in my favor.  I decided to keep the look clean by adding my favorite black H&M blazer and a white blouse from Zara.  I figured I would wear my embroidered black Aldo mules.  I got them on sale and have been obsessed with them all summer.

Needless to say,  I strutted around the city all day feeling super chic, and all from a complete accident.


  1. Love this look!! And you pulled the hat off well 😍😍 I so want the shoes I think it gave the outfit just what it needed

    1. Thanks doll. Yea I'm pretty obsessed with these shoes they have added a whole new kick to all my plain jane outfits lol.


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