City of Brotherly Love

April 18, 2018

Photography by Lee Britto Photography

Blazer : H&M (Similar here); Jeans: H&M ( Similar here); Blouse ( Similar here); Boots (Similar here); Earrings ( Similar here); Bag: (Similar here)

So lately I've been laser focused on saving and making better financial decisions.  As a result I have also been spending a lot of time sitting in the house, and when I say a lot I mean almost all the time.  As important as it is to save money, it is equally important to live your very best life.  Yes, I'm aware of how cliche that sound but it is imperative because in a nutshell, you only get one.

In an effort to get back out here and start enjoying myself I've been lining up a few fun activities for the next couple of months.  First on my list is spending more time trying new places and new things in my own city.  Philadelphia has an endless list of places to go and things to do, but after 29 years it can sometimes feels very boring.  This particular Saturday I decided to venture over to Reading Terminal.  It's hard to describe but it is basically a place in the city that is packed wall to wall with so many different vendors.  There is an huge variety of foods, local jewelry vendors, and my favorite natural hair and skin products.  The best part of the trip was scoring a huge bottle of avocado oil for $6, me and my hair were extremely grateful.  But this is the first of many outings I will be taking this summer.  Can't wait to share them with you while living my best life.

What are some things you do for fun in your city?

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