August 29, 2018

 Hey Lovelies,

As I was up scrolling through old pictures in my laptop I noticed I never posted details on this look.  In the interest of keeping things simple and staying true to my personal style, I wanted to add some extra flair to a pretty basic uninteresting outfit.  It's been unbearably hot this summer, so I haven't wanted to put on much more than a pair of shorts and a tank top.  Trust me, outside of Instagram photos and the occasional shoot it's been swing dresses, shorts, tanks, whatever provides the least amount of coverage.  As brutal as this heat has been if nudity was a legal option I would probably explore that route as well.

Finding pieces like this kimono has been CRUCIAL in keeping my wardrobe fun and interesting this season.  This particular Kimono is sold out, but I've linked some equally cute ones below.

What are some ways you keep your outfits interesting when the weather is dreadful outside?


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