Your Guide to the Sephora Spring Sale

April 26, 2020

Sephora Spring Sale

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  It's the Sephora spring sale and your girl has been SHOPPING.  Not just pick up a few things here or there I mean just throw it in the bag shopping.  My justification is that I've been really responsible with my money since this lockdown and I deserve one little splurge in the interest of self-care.  So I decided to really invest in upholding my current skincare regimen as well as trying out a few new products that will help address some of my skincare concerns.

The sale is 20% for Rouge members until 5/1, 15% off for VIB members until 4/29, and 10% off for Insiders until 4/27 ( welp today so you better get on the good foot if you want to get something).

Treating my skin has really been an uphill battle for years.  I suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis which causes inflammation and flaking of the skin.  It can be very frustrating at times, as flare-ups cause very painful visible dry patches on my face, scalp, and ears.  I have seen a dermatologist who helped me to really get it under control during one of my worse flare-ups, but since then I have done a lot of research to find ways to treat the skin, specifically on my face, with products that were less harsh and nonsteroid based.  I have been asked why I would spend so much on skincare, but I would far rather invest in healing my skin issues then investing in makeup to just hide the problem and make it worse.

Now that I've spilled all of my tea, I wanted to give you all a more in-depth look at some of the products that I have been using and have really worked for me as well as some new products I decided to give a try.  As you go through this list please keep in mind that my skin concerns may be different than yours so it's important to identify what products will address your personal concerns.  My skin is extremely dry.  DRY AS THE SAHARA DESERT DRY so after much research and trial and error I curated a regimen that focused on providing moisture and evening skin tone ( as I have some hyperpigmentation and discoloration from picking at the dry patches I would get during flare-ups).  So without further ado let's get into this.


So my two favorite cleansers right now are the Clinque's Take the day off and Farmacy's Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser.  I use the Clinique cleansing balm to remove my makeup prior to cleansing.  It is a creamy balm that kinda suds up once you add water to your face and rub it in.  It truly does get EVERYTHING off.  Ever since using it, I have stopped using makeup wipes completely.  This product absolutely does a better job of removing makeup than a makeup wipe has ever done for me, and it doesn't strip my skin of moisture either.  Once I complete that step I use the Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial cleanser to gently remove any remaining dirt.  I absolutely love this cleanser because it gets my skin very clean and doesn't leave any residue or strip my skin of moisture.  A lot of gel cleansers I used in the past would only exacerbate my skin issues but this one has really been a winner.


Fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner is the GOAT when you have dry skin.  I was recommended this product by one of the lovely Sephora sales associates.  Toners are important in your skin regimen because they help to remove the dirt and oil in your pores that your cleanser did not get off when cleaning the surface.  Clogged pores lead to breakouts so you really want to make sure you're incorporating them into your regimen.  This one is very soothing and gentle, and most importantly not drying.


I have been alternating between two different serums and I love them both.  I've been using the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice and the Claudalie Vinoperfect Anti Dark Spot Serum.  Fresh's Vitamin Nectar Glow Juice is packed with vitamin C, E and B5.  The Vitamin C is great for skin brightening so if your struggling with dullness and uneven skintone this is the serum for you.  It's also very light weight so it works well for any skin type.  The Claudalie Vinoperfect Anti Dark Spot Serum has been the most effective serum for dark marks.  If you are struggling with uneven skin tone, blotchiness, or hyperpigmentation this is absolutely the serum for you.  You won't see an immediate difference but you will absolutely see difference overtime.  That truly goes with any skincare product or regimen.  It takes time for products to actually make a difference in your skin.  Think of it this way,  it takes about 30 days for new skin cells to generate so that is how long it will take for you to truly see the results of a new skincare product.


The Tatcha dewy skin cream is the best moisturizer that I've ever used.  It's very rich and moisturizing and is one of the only creams that I've used that has been able to keep my skin hydrated all day.  The best part, is that it leaves a very dewy finish after it's applied.  So if you're looking for hydrated plumped skin,  natural glow, and you struggle with dryness this is absolutely the product for you.  I will say, that if you have oily skin I would not recommend this for you.  It will likely be way to heavy on your skin.  


I have not tried any other facial oils and likely won't because the Farmacy Honey Grail Oil has been so beneficial to my skin.  It is a very lightweight oil that absorbs into the skin beautifully and adds to the glow.  The oil really helps to lock in the moisture of the products that I used prior to this step and creates a very strong protective barrier over my skin.  A little goes a VERY long way with this product.  I typically only use 1-2 drops whenever I use it, so one bottle lasts me for MONTHS.  If you are oily I would still suggest you incorporate this step into your routine.  Keeping your skin hydrated when you have oily skin is even more important, as your skin actually produces more oil when it's dry to attempt to combat its dehydration.


Forget all the rumors and lies we were told growing up as black woman.  I remember believing that I didn't need sunscreen because I had a higher level of melanin in my skin than white people.  I'm here to tell you that is a lie, black girls need sunscreen.  I'm gonna say that one more time so it really sinks in here.  BLACK GIRLS NEED SUNSCREEN.  Not just at the beach or on vacation either.  You need sunscreen every single day that you are going outside.  Furthermore,  there are certain ingredients in your skincare that make your skin more sensitive to sun damage, and when you use those products and go out into the sun you are leaving your skin open to far greater damage than you even began with.  So let's make sure we are protecting those beautiful faces ladies.  Do yourself a favor and incorporate sunscreen into the end of your AM facial routine.  My personal suggestion would be Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen.  It is extremely smooth and light and does not leave a white cast on your skin or have any flashback.   In my opinion, it's the best.

Tinted Moisturizer

As I get older I get a little lazier when it comes to glam, and I notice when I do have to put makeup on I HATE the feeling of foundation.  It oftentimes feels heavy and like my skin is suffocating.  It also doesn't help that a day or two after wearing it I notice a breakout somewhere on my face.  To try to negate this issue I started using tinted moisturizers because they were .... well moisturizing, and much lighter than a traditional foundation.  I also prefer more of a sheer coverage when it comes to my makeup.  So when doing my research for this sale I came across a skincare blogger, Chanel Tyler, who raved about the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint.  I'm a creature of habit so I was really hesitant to give something new a try, but I decided to be brave this time and do it.  GIIRRRRRLLLLL I'm so happy I did because out of everything I purchased during this sale this is hands down the one I can't stop talking about.  This product not only provides BEAUTIFUL dewy natural coverage it also is PACKED with skincare benefits.  This is makeup that actually treats your skincare concerns while you wear it.  No more dry, irritated, suffocated skin after a day of wearing makeup.   Now you can have that natural coverage while actually treating your skin at the same time.  It's genius and I am never going to put foundation on my skin again, not after this gem of a product.

Well ladies, I hope this post helps you all make your final decisions before you hit checkout on that purchase.  Are there any products that have been holy grails for you that you plan on restocking on during this sale?  If so let me know in the comments below.  I would love to give something new a try.  I appreciate your recommendations just as much as you appreciate mine.


The Ultimate Guide To Binge Worthy TV While You Quarantine

April 19, 2020

The past few weeks have been like something out of a movie, to say the least.  We are all quite unsure about what the state of our economy, our health, and any other plans we had are going to be going forward.  Many of us are working from home, completely out of work, or still working and trying to find a way to deal with the glaring anxiety of what is happening.  I know personally, this has been quite the emotional roller coaster for me.  I'm blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home and a secondary job that closed down to protect us.  But the uncertainty of everything has left me with a need to disconnect.  My main source of mental relief has and always will be binging a show.  Yes, I know to some this may seem ridiculous but it has always been a great escape for me.  Whenever I've been overwhelmed, upset, or stressed I carve out some time to allow myself to get lost in someone else's world.

So as we all try to keep from going stir crazy while banding together to protect one another I wanted to share some of the shows that I've been watching to keep me entertained.  I'm still not stir crazy yet and for that, I can thank this list.

Good Girls - Netflix/ Hulu
( watch it from the beginning on Netflix and the new seasons on Hulu)

This show is actually currently on NBC but if you have never seen it you will definitely want to go back to season 1 on Netflix and watch it.  If you like shows with a solid and captivating storyline that will also keep you doubled over laughing this one is right up your alley.  When I first saw it on Netflix I thought it was a movie so I ignored it for at least a year until I randomly discovered it was a show.  You would be surprised how many people thought the same thing, and I know some of you are reading this and I just rocked your world with this new information.  

The plot centers around 3 suburban moms with their own individual financial struggles who decide the best way to fix their issues is to rob a grocery store.  This one act leads them down a road full of HOT mess that will keep you on the edge of your seat for all 3 seasons.   

My boyfriend is not one to take any of my show recommendations because he is quite stubborn ( I'm still trying to get him to tune into the genius that is Game of Thrones) but he secretly watched this one behind my back and was instantly hooked.  If you don't take my word for it take his, it's an absolute winner.

Desperate Housewives- Hulu

Now this one is a super oldie.  Like extremely old so you may be wondering why I'm including this.  You may even have already watched it back in 2008 when it was on TV, I absolutely did. The great thing is if you have a memory like mine you won't remember a single thing that happened.  I was OBSESSED  with this show. So much so that back in 2008 I even had The Sims desperate housewives edition, yea it was that serious.  Which is why I was surprised I didn't remember a single plotline from the entire show.  It was truly like watching a brand new show and the only thing that I do remember is how addictive it was, and that feeling still remains.  The best part is it has about 8 seasons so there's plenty of content to get you through the however many weeks we will be on lock down.

Stranger Things- Netflix

I am absolutely not a SciFi girl so this one is even surprising for me, but I can't deny this is a great show.  One of my old managers at H&M used to beg me to give it a try and I would always tell him not a chance in hell.  Welp, I can admit when I'm wrong and I was very very very wrong my friends.  This show is funny, exciting, and will have you on the edge of your seat every single episode.  It focuses on a group of kids who singlehandedly save the world while keeping you laughing and nervous the entire time.  It's a great watch and will definitely take your mind off of what's going on right now.

Greys Anatomy- Netflix/ Hulu

Now this one right HERE!!!! This one is hands down my favorite show of all time.  I'm just going to assume 90% of the free world has already consumed this amazing piece of art, but in the slight chance that you haven't stop whatever your doing now ( which in this time I'm going to imagine isn't much) and go start season one.  You can find it on Netflix and you need to get into it as soon as humanly possible.  If you're familiar with my good good sis Shonda Rhimes then you should already know that this is an amazing piece of programming.  This is Shonda's breakthrough show, and it's got so many seasons at this point I can't even tell you where they are at.  I have personally gone through all of Grey's anatomy at least 4 times and will likely watch it again during this break.
No TV romance has every compared to Der and Mer so do yourself a favor and add this to your list.

Working Moms- Netflix

A great plot and non stop laughs.  I'm not a mom, but I felt every bit of this show.  This show surrounds a group of mothers trying to navigate life while balancing being successful working women, wives, and mothers.  Needless to say they damn sure don't succeed at all of those things.  They fall hilariously short in at least one area in every episode.  This is a pretty quick watch so you could probably knock it out in a few days.

Grace and Frankie- Netflix

If you follow me on Instagram ( which you should be doing so go ahead and click and follow @guiltyofglitz_) then you already know that I love Grace and Frankie.  If you loved Golden Girls back in the day, then you will love this show.  It follows two older women who are recently divorced and end up deciding to live together and become best friends.  Grace is a very uppity rich woman and Frankie is pretty much a hippie so as you can imagine they clash constantly.  So watching them try to navigate their own lives and survive under one roof is pretty hilarious.  I won't even get started on their kids and ex-husbands.   I cannot say ENOUGH good things about this show.  In my personal opinion, it's one of Netflix's best original series and I hope it doesn't go anywhere anytime soon.

The Morning Show- Apple Tv +

Now, this one completely caught me by surprise.  I found this show a few months ago when my godson was playing with the Apple Tv remote, and I thought it was an actual morning show.  When I saw Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon I was even more confused.  Since I've run through every single show like a damn marathon I decided I might as well circle back and give this one a try.  Needless to say, it was fantastic.  It has a lot of big hitters in Hollywood, and the plot grabs you from the very beginning.  It's very obvious that this story centers on the Matt Lauer scandal with ABC.  It is only available on Apple TV+ but you can get a free week's subscription to watch this show.  I watched it in 2 days so one week is more than enough time, its only 10 episodes, and let's be serious what you got to do instead lol.

Little Fires Everywhere- HULU

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington wrapped up in massive lies and deceit.   Do I really need to expound any further!  This show is based on the best selling novel and although I have not read the book ( which I wish I did because I am a stickler for reading a book prior to watching the TV or film adaptation) it has my full attention.  The only complaint that I have is why are we releasing the episodes every Wednesday.  HULU stop playing with us! We are locked in the house for the unforeseeable future can we just get all the episodes PLEASE!

Honorable Mentions

And now for a list of shows that deserve very much to be on this list but my fingers grew tired of typing and the Dnice Quarantine concert featuring Issa Ray was starting up soon. So let's Go:
  • Insecure (HBO)-  Speaking of Issa, literally the most relatable comedy I've ever seen about a young black woman trying to navigate dating in your 30's.  Honestly one of my favorite shows, and I've never related to a character more.
  • Euphoria (HBO)-  I'll just say Zendaya DID THAT!!!
  • YOU (Netflix)- Insanely creepy, yet captivating show about a hot Pierce Badgley being a weird creepy stalker
  • Love is Blind( Netflix)- A reality show that tests the theory that people can fall in love without ever seeing one another.  Also, get ready to want to punch Jessica in her face every episode.
  • This is Us (Hulu/ NBC)- Do not watch this without a pack of tissues readily available.  It pretty much gets a tear from me every episode.  But if you want your heart to melt all over the place give it a watch and get into Randall and Beth.  
  • 90 Day Fiance- BAAABBBYYYY this will take you through the whole damn quarantine.  I don't think I've ever laughed this much at a reality show or been in such shock in how naive people can be.  But if you want something a little less serious that is FUNTY!!!! BABY this is 110% for you.  If you really want to test it out I would say start with " 90 day fiance: Before the 90 days" Season 4.  I promise after that you will swan dive into the rabbit hole.
So since we all have PLENTY of time why not use whatever time you're not working and unwind with one of the shows on this list.  If you watch any of them it drop me a comment or comment on Instagram and let me know, or leave any suggestions of shows you have below so I can have something new to watch during this quarantine as well.

Happy Binging Guys,

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