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October 11, 2017

Photography by Lee Britto ( Contact at

Top: H&M (an oldie but tons of cute options here,  here, and here ); Jeans: Gap ; Heels: Target; Watch: Marc Jacobs

I try really hard to come up with elaborate and creative outfits, sometimes it's easy and other times it's just a bit too complicated.  On those days nothing tops a pair of good ole jeans and a cute top.  This particular top, I was eyeing at H&M for quite some time.  Although it is currently sitting in my closet awaiting another spin around the town, I still have plenty of plans for it. 

I keep a little side gig at H&M ( I mean the discount alone is reason enough to stay forever) but I typically only buy things that are on sale.  It's kind of a running joke at work that if its over $20 Camille's not buying it.  I could be offended but, hey;  they are absolutely correct.  Thats why this top in particular caused a lot of back and forth in my mind.   In the end after the 800th time of putting it on hold so that I could think it over I decided a gals gotta treat herself.  That is also my mantra for any of the other purchases I probably had no business making.  You only live once so why not live fashionable ( feel free to replay any of these mantras in your head next time your trying to make a decision at the register about if you need to make this purchase or not). 

For this look I decided to keep it simple.  It was dress down day at work and I wanted to keep it as modest and casual as possible.  I decided to pair this top with my work tote and a simple pair of tan heels.  I can't wait to wear it on a weekend and really play with all its capabilities.

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