From the office to the bar

October 2, 2017

Photography by Lee Britto (for all photography inquiries contact
Glasses: Cole Haan; Dress: H&M ( Similar here); Shoes: Aldo ( Can be found here)

Personal style is extremely important.  It's like a fingerprint, it's what identifies you as an individual and separates you from everyone else.  There should be no space within your life where that style has to be stifled.  One of the main places in my life where I am forced to dull down my style would be the office.  Yes that 9-5 that we must show up at so we can continue to get the paycheck to buy all the things we love.

Well, I personally refuse to buy two wardrobes. You know one for play and one for work.  I mean, who has money for that, Not this gal!!! So when I shop for work clothes I always keep in mind that I want pieces that easily transition between the office and happy hour ( yes I actually use happy hour as my reference point when I'm shopping).  The pants I wore in this post are a perfect example of the type of clothing I buy that easily work in any situation.

This particular dress is a wrap dress I found on the sale rack at H&M, and I absolutely adore it.  Its super comfortable, has a secret sexy slit, and most of all is office appropriate.   Nowadays those are the requirements of most the pieces I buy; comfortable, stylish, sexy, and work appropriate. And to answer the question in your head,  I did wear this to happy hour right after work lol.


  1. Those shoes are SO fun!! Also love your hair. Super cute look!!

    1. Thank You!!!! This has become my go to protective style (aka don't feel like doing my hair for the rest of the week) but definitely going to try some of the protective styles you have over on your page to mix it up a bit.


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