Some Things Stay The Same

November 20, 2017

Photography by Lee Britto (Contact at
T-Shirt (H&M Similar here); Jeans (H&M Similar here); Blazer (H&M); Earrings (H&M); Shoes (Aldo similar here); Bag (vintage)

As I get older my style changes in every different direction.  One day we are wearing colorful tights ( yea I don't see myself doing that again) the next day I'm all about skater skirts and court heels.  Although my style tends to be unstable the one trend that always remains for me is the timeless graphic tee.

Every season I go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes I don't ever see myself wearing again ( check out the H&M's clothes donation program, it's a great way to make room in your closet and to get a discount on some new things), but I never see get rid of my graphic Tee's.  They are so so versatile and there are so many different ways to wear them.

For this specific look, it was dress down Friday at work and I wanted to be able to add a little comfort to this graphic Tee but still keep my look a little polished.  I'm a firm believer that a blazer can bring a little class to almost any outfit.  Give it a try!! Try digging up an old graphic tee you haven't thought of in awhile and add a blazer and a cute pair of heels and you got yourself a look!!

So next time you clean out your closet hold on to those graphic tee's just a little bit longer.

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