Fall Things

November 27, 2017

Photography by Lee Britto (contact at Lmbritto30@gmail.com)
Jacket: H&M (similar here ); Sweater: H&M ( Similar style here); Earrings: H&M (Similar style here); 
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Similar Style here)

There's a very good reason why woman love the fall.  Besides the fact that we are tired of sunburn, sweating through the little bit of clothes we are wearing, and never being able maintain a hairstyle in the humidity, we want to go back to our world of trench coats and chunky sweaters.  I'm sure fall has all kinds of global and environmental benefits, but its greatest accomplishment (in my very expert opinion of course) is its incomparable trends.  I live for an amazing pair of boots and an over sized sweater.  Love is actually an understatement;  I quite possibly live and die for them.  For MONTHS I impatiently waited for it to be appropriate for me to throw on this sweater and coat combo.   

It's funny how life works.  I remember my mom trying to force me to wear turtlenecks as a child and absolutely hating it, but in reality my mom was a trendsetter far ahead of her time.  She always gets a good laugh watching how I now am so in love with all the trends she couldn't pay me to wear back then. This particular sweater caught my eye immediately and I knew I had to have it.  While working one Saturday, a woman came into my store with it on and I almost chased her down to get the info on where she snatched this up from.  Ironically enough, she got it from my job lol.  Rather than wait until I got off to order one, or maybe think it over and make sure it was not an impulse buy, I decided to trust my gut and run to the fitting room and order it.

Why wait?  Life is short, buy the sweater girl.  What's your favorite fall trend?

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