The Spongebob Dress

September 18, 2017

(Photography by Lee Britto email:; instagram Pelican_Lee)

Top ( Dress from H&M Similar dress here); Earrings: H&M (sold out online but available in stores); Jeans: H&M; Shoes: Express; Sunglasses: Loft)

This summer brought along a lot of trends, and as we all know,  the best trends tend to be recycled from fashions past.  This particular style has proved to be a continuous favorite.  No matter how old I have gotten or what part of me has decided to grow I have always felt there is something particularly sexy about a woman's shoulders.  I remember being 16 and trying to convince my mom that the spandex off the shoulder forever 21 top was totally appropriate for little old 14 year old me.  Needless to say that was always a losing battle with her.  Now as an adult in the "almost 30 club" I find myself gravitating towards styles that highlight that area of the body.  I could not even tell you how many off the shoulder items I purchased this summer ( you don't even want to know... yeah it's that ridiculous).  Anyway,  they are an amazing addition to every wardrobe and if you don't have one yet I'm not quite sure what exactly you're waiting for.

This particular top is actually a shift dress that I picked up from H&M form their trend line ( my absolute favorite of all the lines they carry).  I was helping a woman check out and she pulled this lovely little number out of her bag and said she wanted to return it because it made her look like spongebob.  At first glance I could understand exactly why she felt that way, shift dresses can be very difficult to style at times.  Because they have such a boxy shape it can either make you look super thin, lean, and elegant, or spongebob.  After watching it sadly hang from the rack of go backs a super bright idea popped into my head and I decided maybe we could give this little spongebob dress a new life by wearing it as a top, and thats exactly what this gal did.  With a handy dandy hair tie, a lot of tucking and one happy dance later I created this bright and sunny little outfit.

So the moral of this long tale is, before you count an outfit out think of all the many possibilities.

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