From Head To Toe- All Of The Pieces You Need This Fall

September 15, 2020

 It's the most wonderful time of the year! Although, not for the weather.  This is solely for the fashions.  As an east coast native, born and bred, I know fall is only a tease that leads to the cold brutal winter.  But as we dreadfully await below freezing temperatures and hibernating in the house we do have a few weeks filled with the year's best fashion.  They say fall is for the fashion girls and that is 100% fact.  There's nothing I love more than cozy knits, beautiful boots, and statement making coats.  So let's get into this! 

I will include a picture of all my favorite picks from each section at the end of this post.  


If you don't already have a blazer in your wardrobe do yourself a favor and get one.... or 10 fast! As someone that works a 9-5 that requires a more business casual dress code, but also enjoys a happy hour after work, having blazers is an easy way for me to take a more casual look to the office.  Those padded Tshirts that I STAN for on instagram ( if you're not following me already you can do that here) I wear those all the time to the office and throw a blazer over them so I can get away with it in the office.  Now if you are working from home and maybe going out here and there on the weekends the possibility with blazers are endless.  Their definetly one of those pieces you use to wear an outfit several ways.


I feel like this trend just got more popularized but I've been true to this one for awhile.  I have a denim dress that I'm obsessed with that I have been wearing as a shacket for a few years now ( there's actually an almost identical one here).  While the weather hasn't yet reached frigid temperatures it's a great time to jump into this trend.  I would suggest wearing this with any fitted top whether it be a regular cotton top or knit turtleneck and a pair of jeans or slim leg pants. 


A fall and winter staple.  Whether it be sweaters, dresses, cardigans, all of them are a must in your wardrobe transition.  I tend to lean towards the chunkier and softer knits.  For me fall and winter clothes need to be as cozy and warm as possible


Of course, we all have a few pairs of denim that we love, and yes those are very important this season but you also want to secure a few pairs of pants.  And since you are trying something new please don't just get a plain pair of solid colored dress pants.  Mix it up add some print, texture, color.  The right pair of pants can take your outfit from boring to attention-grabbing


It honestly doesn't matter if we are talking about booties, knee highs, or thigh highs.  You need them all of them and there's nothing else to say here.  Also if someone tells you you have enough boots they're wrong and tell them you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. PERIODT!

Jackets/ Coats

Baby it's cold outside and obviously, you have to stay warm so a coat or jacket is probably the most important item you need.  I grew up always being told I just needed one " solid" jacket that would also through the season, one I could wear for years to come.  I would have that one jacket until the wheels fell off or rather it had holes in it.  I do still believe you should have a good solid coat that you invest in, BUT I absolutely don't believe you should have one jacket.  Once it's cold outside your coat is going to be the focal point of your outfit.  Nobodies going to see what's underneath until you reach your destination, so in my world, my coat needs to make a statement too.  To help spark your search you'll find a few show stoppers that I found below.


This one is for the time we spend in the house.  Just because your home does not mean you don't have to look good.   I personally am more productive when I look good.  It might be all in my head, but I have to get up, get showered, do my skincare, and change into something other than my pajamas on the days I work from home.  It honestly helps with my productivity and helps me to shift into a different mindset for work.  So in true Camille fashion of course I had to have a list of adorable comfy co-ord sets for you to wear while your working from home.


Those boots we discussed in the previous section, this is where they should get the most play.  A knee-length dress or maxi dress paired with some knee-high boots is the perfect combination for fall.  It's also a great way to transition some of your favorite summer dresses into the next season.  You can throw a sweater over the top and add some boots for warmth.  

Honorable Mentions

This is the area where we see how indecisive I am and that I cannot be confined to categories.  The last scrolling list is all of the items that don't fit into any of the other categories but we all need them and I couldn't possibly make a fall post without providing them the attention they deserve.

I hope you all enjoyed this list of what I consider to be all the items you should be putting your dollars into this fall.  Below is all the scrolling list of items in order of how they were discussed in the post.  Happy Shopping!! If you end up getting anything comment below or tag me on my Instagram @Guiltyofglitz_ or use #GOGmademedoit when you post it! I love seeing how you guys style things I suggest.  

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