I Almost Stopped Blogging

May 22, 2019

Wheeewww Chillay it's been a minute since I have been on here, and that's something I am quite ashamed of.  I began to get so wrapped up in Instagram I neglected the space that actually belongs to me, and the people that actually go to my site to read my very long-winded stories.  Daily obsessing over numbers so much that I started feeling like I did not even want to blog at all anymore.  What was the point? Who was even reading it?  Well, let me tell you something God works in mysterious ways.  When they say we serve an on-time God it is absolutely true.  So story time people, walk with me here.

It was Saturday night and I was just getting out of my second job.  I had literally every intention of going home after work.  I actually told myself no matter what,  I was taking my behind straight home, and not spending a single unnecessary dollar.  Well, that whole plan went down the drain when my fave coworker was closing with me and asked me to accompany him to Fridays for a "quick drink".  Mind you, our drinks are usually never quick, not even close.  So of course, I obliged, what kind of friend would I be if I left him cold and lonely at the bar looking like some kind of weird psycho.  Well as we came in I saw an old friend from high school and quickly went over to greet him.  I had not talked to him in about a decade so I was really happy to see him.  We exchanged our hello's and how have you been, and then what he said next truly shocked me.  Out of what felt like nowhere he said " Camille I'm really proud of you, your blog is really amazing.  I see you doing your thing on there (instagram/ blog) and I'm really proud to watch the woman you have become."  Now he had absolutely no way of knowing this but I was in a space mentally where I was completely ready to give up.  When you are a smaller scale blogger it honestly feels like no one is reading your work but you, and maybe your mom.  Knowing that not only is someone reading it, but that the things I write, the stories I tell, and the information that I share impacts someone was huge to me.  It really meant a lot.  It brought me back to a question one of my blogger friends Sade asked me. What is your why?  After serious self-reflection, the answer is very clear to me now.

I started blogging in 2012. I remember one of my best friends coming to me with the idea of starting a group blog and thinking, "what the heck is a blog?"  I always loved writing ( as a kid I used to write my own books so I could always read a story that would excite me), it has always been an outlet to express myself or rather a way for me to share stories with others.  Also lets not forget that I never shut up, and it is also a way for me to ramble on and on as I typically do without having to deal with the awkward laugh and stare of dear god when is she going to stop talking ( if your doing it right now I don't even care because I can't see you).  She showed me different blogs and I fell completely in love with the idea of what I was seeing.  So many cute outfits, direct links to them, great photos, and quirky stories.  I couldn't get enough.  There was one thing I just could not find though.  Where were the black girls?  Now trust me nowadays black girls are Killing it at blogging but 7 years ago when Instagram was a small space for iPhones and blogs were just a place where the most you could hope for is some free stuff there weren't many girls that looked like me.  I want to be a brown face that other woman and girls can relate to because representation matters.  It REALLY REALLY matters.  I want to be a part of a community of strong black woman that are killing this industry.  Getting brand partnerships we never thought we could obtain, and filling up every seat at tables we were never previously invited to sit!

Another thing that drove me insane was where were the clothes I could ACTUALLY afford.  Even the blogs geared towards sale clothing and looks for less were not in any low-cost price bracket that I could afford at the time.  I was fresh out of college trying to understand how money worked and how to pay my own bills buying 1 shirt for $98 was not really a "steal" for me.  So that was my mission I wanted to serve other girls like me and help them find REAL DEALS, help them look and feel beautiful, and most important luxurious without having to compromise quality or style.  One thing I know for sure about myself is that even if I lack talent in other areas, I know I am one of the best there is at sale shopping.  Some people coupon for food I do it for clothes.  If you know me personally you know Camille and sale might as well be synonymous.  If you tell me my outfit is cute I'm certainly going to tell you how I paid under $20 for each item I have on  ( because honestly, that's really what matters).

So as I push through some major imposter syndrome I plan on bringing you some great content.

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