Following Your Dreams

March 7, 2018

Photography: Lee Britto Photography ; Jacket: H&M; Tshirt: H&M; Jeans: Thrift store; Shoes: Cole Haan; Earrings: H&M; Bracelet: My Intent; Watch: Michael Kors

It's called the quarter life crisis.  I remember reading a book about it when I was still in college and not understanding how people were worrying instead of having the time of their lives at 25. There weren't many important life altering thoughts passing through my brain at that age.  It was pretty much all parties, home decor, and intoxicated heart to hearts in the living room with my best friend.  Now at 29 I would kill to go back to that care free time in my life.

As of recently, it seems like I may have finally entered the stage of my life where I am facing major life decisions, and just doing my best to make the right choices for my future.  It can be hard at times trying to differentiate between what you should be doing with you life, and what you want to do.  Sometimes we lean so hard upon others expectations of what they think is the right path for us that we become to scared to follow our hearts.  We are constantly told to dream big, but in the same breath told to be realistic and make "smart" choices regarding our future. 

There are no dreams that are too big for us to obtain.  We spend so much of our time staring at social media, constantly scrolling through and examining all the success of others around us.  I can admit, often with much envy.  What we don't pay attention to is it is not luck that got these people where they are. They didn't wake up one day and put a little bit of effort into a dream they had and "got lucky".  They struggled, they cried, they failed, they lost, they persevered, and then they succeeded. And success is not the end goal because true success takes the same concerted efforts to keep.

For all of us out there who find ourselves at a crossroads of defining our future and choosing the conventional path over your passion, there is no reason at all why your passion can't also be the path you are supposed to travel.

Now for a little bit of outfit details.  I know you have all seen this jacket all over my Instagram page.  That is because I am so so so in love with it.  I originally bought it in cream, but felt like a Yeti so returned it and just happened to be lucky enough to get the last mint one.  Maybe its the color, but although I hated the fit of it on me in the cream, there was something so chic about this color.  The shoes were gifted to my by my lovely boyfriend ( who is really starting to have a good eye for my kind of style) from Cole Haan.  He was able to get them for a steal, which made me quite proud since I'm a sale junkie.

I hope you guys enjoy the post!

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