Green Goddess

May 12, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant

Dress: Similar by Target| Necklace: Origami Owl | Watch: Michael Kors

Yesterday, being mothers day and all,  I decided why not get a little dressed up for my momma.  It would be nice for her to see me outside of my normal work or gym clothes.  This little number has been sitting in my closet for quite some time now.  I tend to shy away from it because it is so long, and requires me to wear a heel that will prevent me from tripping and cracking my face open (was that graphic enough for you).  But I love it, it gives me this whole whimsical goddess feeling.  You really can never go wrong with a maxi.

PS:  I recently had an Origami Owl Jewelry party at my home and the items were to die for.  I got this necklace and a few cute charms (yes I'm aware you cant see it close up), but I promise some close up shots of the necklace will follow.  Go take a look at some of their stuff.  It's a great way to create jewelry that characterizes your personality, interests, or people and things that mean something to you.  It's jewelry that tells your story and I love it.



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