Guilty of Glitz

April 30, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant

Top: Similar by YOOX | Shorts: Similar by Saks Fifth Ave | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Necklace: Jeweliq | Bracelet: Vintage

Talk about an outfit staple.  This gold sequin top is a must have for any girl.  Evey woman needs an item that, regardless of how relaxed it may feel, is simply gorgeous, and this top meets the mark.  I can't even count how many times I have worn this top.  Whether its with shorts, a pair of bf jeans, or a tight pencil skirt. It creates so many awesome looks.  During one of my many lucky sale excursions I was able to snatch this little sucker up and it was worth all of the $20 I paid for it.  You wouldn't even believe where I got this top from for such a low price; JCrew.  Although they have the unfortunate reputation of being ridiculously pricey there sale rack always has a few great gems with price tags that are even greater to your pockets.  Before you count them out give them a chance you may be surprised what you come out with and how much you saved.

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