Currently Coveting

April 16, 2014

Currently Coveting

I am anxiously anticipating frolicking on the beach, sunbathing by the pool, and the many vacations in the sun with the ones I love.  But first things first I'm going to have to get this summer body together.  Right now me and my gut have become extremely close friends, and I think it's time to put an end to our relationship.  In an effort to motivate myself to tighten and tone it up I've been scouring the Internet for super hot bikinis.  While reading one of my fave blogs My Style Vita I came across one of the cutest bikinis I have possibly ever seen from The Orchid Boutique.  These two lovely numbers (a little bit past my normal price limit) are definitely on my list of must haves this summer.  Hopefully I will be able to get the body to match the bikini.

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