Spring: Just Can't Get Enough

March 5, 2014


1.River Island Floral Polka Dot Blazer/2.Jeweliq Azalea Bib Necklace/3.Forever 21 Floral Baseball Cap/4.H&M Ballet Flats/5.People Tree Vintage Floral Skirt/6.MAC Candy Yum Yum

Ok I know I know I'm pushing it with this whole spring thing, but can you really blame me.  All these florals, bright electric colors its just beyond exhilirating.  Most of these items I have already collected for this spring but a few I will absoloutely be swiping before it's too late.  I do want to draw some extra special attention to a few items in particular.  

First and foremost PLEASE don't miss the oppurtunity to get an immediate $40 off your first shoe purchase over at Shoe Mint.  And what could be better than a good pair of statement court shoes.  If electric blue is not your color not to worry they come in an assortment of different colors.

Second, I am completely obsessed with Jeweliq currently.  I never heard of them until I was reading one of my fav blogs (My Style Vita) and was introduced to how awesome their jewelery is. I am a huge fan of art deco and statement jewelry.  Some of my go to places have always been JCrew and Bauble Bar.  Although I live and die for these stores Jeweliq has equally as adorable pieces at a far more affordable price.  And lets face it the lower digits will ALWAYS win.  

Finally,  can we please discuss how awesome MAC's Candy Yum Yum is.  It is the most gorgeous, vibrant, matte pink you could ever wish for.  Some may consider MAC to be a bit pricey; not to worry cheaper dupes available here.

Thanks for reading guys that ends my neverending rant.



  1. Super cute picks! Loving that floral baseball cap! Adorbs!


    1. Thanks a bunch. Love your page by the way you've got a good eye for fasion.

  2. Love these spring pieces! Can't wait til it's warm full time!




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