Shorts in the winter: WHY NOT

March 17, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant (
Blouse: Zara (Similar here) |Gap ( Splurge here or similar here)| Tights: Berkshire| Boots: ASOS| Necklace: Gifted| Lipstick: Ruby Woo 

I first have to apologize because I didn't do the greatest job allowing you guys to see the details on this blouse.  I recently purchased it from Zara during fashion week in NY.  Although I had packed an entire suitcase full of options for the nights runway show, I still felt I needed to take one more go around to see if I had missed any more amazing outfit choices ( a girl always needs a backup to her backup outfit).  You can't quite see it here but the beading and lace on the this blouse are so darn cute.  They went perfect with my fave winter shorts. Who says you can't wear shorts in 30 degree weather?  It's always OK in my book as long as their wool , tweed, or just ridiculously cute. When you start to feel the chill of the cold air rushing through your tights just remember; Dang these shorts are cute and I promise you'll warm right up!!!



  1. great look! liking the boots and necklace :)

  2. I love shorts and I tend to wear them all the time without really thinking about the season and how appropriate it is :))) Just put on some dark tights beneath them and voila! Ready to rock the city streets.
    U look great!!!


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