Get the Look

March 31, 2014

Get the Look

Top / Skirt / Shoe / Bag / Necklace
{ Image availabe on my Pinterest}

I have been completely addicted to pinterest all weekend.  Although I love to start my week off with a killer outfit post mother nature was not on the same page with me. With about 3 inches of rain all weekend she pretty much made the decision for me that this monday I would be sharing with you some of most recent pinterest addictions.  

This look is such a cute classy outift.  It's so very Audrey Hepburn with a twist ( because lets bee honest I don't believe Audrey would give us any peek a boo belly).  And of course me being the frugalista that I am had to find some fashionable alternatives to creat this look that are under $100.  So go ahead shop the look and as soon as the sun decides to finally make its first spring appearance you will be very glamorous.  

Weekly Pinspirations

March 28, 2014

{ These gorgeous pics can be found on my Pinterest}

So mother nature is back to her normal shananigans again.  30 degrees today 61 tomorrow, but unfortunately for me no sunshine.  As we all have realized I have quite the spring time floral obsession.  There's definetly no pretty flowers popping out of the ground anytime soon here in philadelphia so why not rock as many as we can to create our own springtime.  These little pinspirations have my wallet heating up in my pocket.  I can't wait to get out of these boring colors and sprinkle a little color into my wardrobe.

Sayonara Tights

March 27, 2014

Shirt: Gap (Similar by fossil here) |Shorts: H&M (Similar by The Letter) | Necklace: Aldo (Sold Out) | Tights: ModCloth

OK I swear I'm almost done with this whole shorts in the winter kick, but you cant blame a girl for becoming obsessed with a trend.  I have stacks and stacks of shorts that have been dying to slide on my body so I feel no guilty for showering you guys with a few of some of my favorites in my collection.  But I pinkie swear that the next time you see me in shorts they'll be no tights protecting me from the elements sunshine.

After about a hundred shots ( yes my brother wanted to kill me) The ones that caught my eyes the most were of me sitting down.  Who would have thought.  So although you guys didn't get to see the whole thing from top to bottom I think you caught my drift.

Must Haves

March 25, 2014

Must Haves

Bree Block Heel Sandal/Rochelle Open Toe Sandal/Gayle Block HeelAbina Caged HeelMandee Lace Up HeelTamia Block HeelSable Suede SandalSheila Ankle Strap Heel

Tis the season for shoe shopping fa la la la laaaaa .... well you catch my drift.  As we transition into sunnier skies, more skin, and pedicure season its important that we find the right shoe to compliment that bright spring polish.  During my very serious sport of online season shopping I have discovered Sole Society, and I am completely inexplicably in love.  They have such an awesome range of shoes; every style for every girl.  From bohemian print sling back flats to vibrant colored 6 inch heels. My taste in shoes is truly all over the place, but this spring and summer I plan on wearing lots and lots of heels. My recent quarter life crisis is forcing me to want to look a bit more grown up.  What better way to look like a grown woman then to put on some killer heels and magically grow a few inches.

Finding The Silver Lining In Every Cloud

March 23, 2014

Sweater: H&M( Almost identical and cuter here)| Shorts: H&M (identical with cuter detailing here)| Tights: ModCloth| Necklace: Purple Peridot| Bracelet: Fashion Fanatic| Watch: Aldo (Similar here)| Boots: ASOS (very old)

Lately I have been pretty obsessed with shorts, tights, and boots.  Since the weather in Pennsylvania seems to be a bit confusing it's almost impossible to figure out whether we should be wearing sweaters and bundling up, or wearing shorts and enjoying the sun.  I've decided to hell with the rules why not just mix it all up.  I've had this sweater buried deep in my boxes ( of clothes I should have unpacked a year ago when moving) and decided to take it out for a spin on one of our very confusing 63 degree spring days.  When I saw this in the store I knew I had to have it.  I thought metallic sweaters only existed in my dreams but apparently not.  This one is a very old H&M sweater but this one is not only similar it is even cuter in my opinion.  

As long as mother nature keeps throwing me 63 degree Saturdays and 34 degree snowy Mondays I'll be mixing my winter and spring clothes together until she makes up her mind.

ModCloth Challenge

March 20, 2014

When approached by ModCloth to create a story board for this adorable dress I couldn't resist. The infamous little black dress; so simple yet the possibilities are endless. For centuries ( yes I'm gonna assume centuries) this wardrobe staple has made woman before us feel fabulous, sexy, and unstoppable. With this dress I wanted to add pieces that I felt still kept the outfit classy while giving it a little edge.
The statement necklace (besides being ridiculously gorgeous)  really adds some color to the outfit. I decided to use colors that stayed within the same color scheme of the necklace to accessorize the rest of the outfit.  With a necklace like that you definitely want it to stand out.  
As for the purse, sometimes fashion makes no sense at all.  You have to go with what you like and what feels good to you.  And when I saw this purse, irregardless of it being completely out of the color scheme, It gave me a happy little somersault in my stomach telling me this is the perfect bag.
My favorite part of this look would undoubtedly be the leather jacket.  I find nothing sexier on this earth then a classy cocktail dress and a rocking leather jacket.  Its very Marilyn Monroe meets Madonna.  I love adding a little danger to a more polished look.  
This gal will be considering this challenge part of her new spring wish list because I am completely swooning over all of these things.  Who knew ModCloth had such killer items.

This post was sponsored through modcloth but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Maxi Skirts: The One Item That Never Gets Packed Away

March 19, 2014

Photography: Philip Grant (

Sweater: Gap ( Very Similar here)| Skirt: HM (Very Similar here)| Necklace: Jeweliq| Boots: Madden Girl Black pair here| Bag: HM (Similar and way cuter here)| Lipstick: Ruby Woo| Watch: Aldo (Similar Splurge)| Bracelet: Fashion Fanatics

Everyone say hi to my precious little pup Indie.  While shooting she absolutely refused to stay quiet in her cage ( I'm sure that has something to do with how spoiled she has become)  So I tied her up and let her have an impromptu cameo in my outfit post.  How can I deny that face?

Anyway,  as I'm sure you guys can tell by now I am all about transitioning spring and summer pieces into your winter wardrobe.  As a woman in her mid 20's with a pile of bills that is only getting higher as the days go on, I think it is very important financially fashionably to have lots of pieces in your closet that look just as stylish in the winter as they do in the warmer months.  A maxi skirt, in my opinion,  is one of those multi functional items.  Throwing on a chunky sweater and a pair of heeled winter boots warms the look up.  So this summer, as you browse through the stores make sure you throw a few more Maxi's in your bag than you normally would.  Trust me, all year round you will be happy you did.


Shorts in the winter: WHY NOT

March 17, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant (
Blouse: Zara (Similar here) |Gap ( Splurge here or similar here)| Tights: Berkshire| Boots: ASOS| Necklace: Gifted| Lipstick: Ruby Woo 

I first have to apologize because I didn't do the greatest job allowing you guys to see the details on this blouse.  I recently purchased it from Zara during fashion week in NY.  Although I had packed an entire suitcase full of options for the nights runway show, I still felt I needed to take one more go around to see if I had missed any more amazing outfit choices ( a girl always needs a backup to her backup outfit).  You can't quite see it here but the beading and lace on the this blouse are so darn cute.  They went perfect with my fave winter shorts. Who says you can't wear shorts in 30 degree weather?  It's always OK in my book as long as their wool , tweed, or just ridiculously cute. When you start to feel the chill of the cold air rushing through your tights just remember; Dang these shorts are cute and I promise you'll warm right up!!!


Boyfriend Jeans

March 13, 2014


Photography by Philip Grant (
Blazer: H&M (Similar here)| Top: Gap| Jeans: Gap ON SALE| Shoes: Aldo Obsessing over similar here| Bag: Aldo (Similar here)| Necklace: Jeweliq| Watch: Aldo (Similar here)| Lips: Ruby Woo

Boyfriend jeans, a blazer, and a rocking pair of court heels.  It has really become my go to look. Whether I'm trying to be polished and poised or just relaxed chic at the bar this look never dissapoints.  Who would have thought a pair of jeans made to resemble the same jeans that hang off your boyfriends behind would be so effortlessly sexy on ours.  What makes me fall in love with this look over and over again is you can change the blazer and the statement necklace but as long as you keep the jeans and the shoes you will always be giving the world "kimmy K". 


The Wonderful World of Houndstooth

March 12, 2014

Photography by Phillip Grant (

Shirt: Gap| Button Down Shirt: Gap| Pants: Gap Sale (Ebay one pair here or same print here)| Boots: Madden Girl| Necklace: Purple Peridot| Watch: Micheal Kors (Similar here)| Bracelet: Fashion Fanatics Boutique| Bag: H&M

Sales; the gift that keeps on giving.  The one sale that always leaves me with a huge smile and an empty wallet would be The Gap after Christmas sale.  This sale, as I have told you all before, is the king of all sales in my book.  40% off already reduced prices; there's nothing better than that.  Lately I have been trying to expand my wardrobe and create new looks outside the realm of what I am accustomed to. While shopping I was on a mission to find a cute pair of pants that were affordable and would stand out.  I nearly jumped out of my skin and moon walked around the store (yes moon walked) when I found these super cute houndstooth pair for $15.00.  Me and one of my besties always argue about houndstooth, whether or not it is the cutest print.  I tend to disagree as I am obscenely obsessed with florals, but I must say she may have one the battle with these pants because they were nothing short of awesome. 

Sunny Days

March 11, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant (
Blazer: Gap (Similar here)| Skirt: Gap (Similar here)| T-Shirt: Gap (Similar here)| Jewelry: Jeweliq| Boots: ASOS| Watch: Michael Kors (Similar here)| Bracelet: Fashion Fanatics Boutique (Similar here)

Another bright sunny day.  This whole spring forward thing has its perks, but the downside... oh the perils of the bad side. I woke up on time this morning but unfortunately my body was an hour behind me.   Although, what I would have liked to throw on was some sweats, a tee, and my good ole' sandals I decided not to be a slob and jump into something a little bright and sunny.  Nothing makes a girl happier (well at least me) than bright bold colors on a sunny day.


Farewell Snowy Days

March 9, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant (

Forever 21 :Floral Kimono| Gap: Long Sleeve V-Neck| Old Navy Jeans: Rock star Skinnies|
Bag: Similar here| Shoes: Cuter and Similar here| Watch: Similar here| Bracelet: Similar here and other great items| Sunglasses: Similar here

Now that the sun has finally decided to peek out for us I can finally get back outside and back to good ole' outfit posts.  I know I know, a little cold weather and snow isn't an excuse to not get the job done but I don't think there is anyone alive that hates the snow more than I do.  I think after the last few posts we pretty much get the idea that I am beyond anticipating the spring, and completely IN LOVE with floral print.  This wintertime floral kimono (which you may have seen previously here) will be getting a lot of play in my spring/summer wardrobe.  What spring pieces from the winter do you plan on taking with you into the next season?

Spring Steals

March 6, 2014

spring steals

ASOS Top and Bottom and Shoes here

WOOOHOO!!! It's finally March.  As we move closer to the spring I have been diligently searching for my new spring wardrobe.  As a woman on a budget I'm well aware that I can't go to crazy building up my new spring wardrobe but I gotta allow myself to have a little bit of fun.  And once the sun comes out, this snow melts, and my toes get to make their first cameo of the season, while my midriff comes out to say HELLO these are a few of the pieces at the very top of my list.

Spring: Just Can't Get Enough

March 5, 2014


1.River Island Floral Polka Dot Blazer/2.Jeweliq Azalea Bib Necklace/3.Forever 21 Floral Baseball Cap/4.H&M Ballet Flats/5.People Tree Vintage Floral Skirt/6.MAC Candy Yum Yum

Ok I know I know I'm pushing it with this whole spring thing, but can you really blame me.  All these florals, bright electric colors its just beyond exhilirating.  Most of these items I have already collected for this spring but a few I will absoloutely be swiping before it's too late.  I do want to draw some extra special attention to a few items in particular.  

First and foremost PLEASE don't miss the oppurtunity to get an immediate $40 off your first shoe purchase over at Shoe Mint.  And what could be better than a good pair of statement court shoes.  If electric blue is not your color not to worry they come in an assortment of different colors.

Second, I am completely obsessed with Jeweliq currently.  I never heard of them until I was reading one of my fav blogs (My Style Vita) and was introduced to how awesome their jewelery is. I am a huge fan of art deco and statement jewelry.  Some of my go to places have always been JCrew and Bauble Bar.  Although I live and die for these stores Jeweliq has equally as adorable pieces at a far more affordable price.  And lets face it the lower digits will ALWAYS win.  

Finally,  can we please discuss how awesome MAC's Candy Yum Yum is.  It is the most gorgeous, vibrant, matte pink you could ever wish for.  Some may consider MAC to be a bit pricey; not to worry cheaper dupes available here.

Thanks for reading guys that ends my neverending rant.


Oscars 2014: OOOOHHH Lupita

March 3, 2014

 I have a secret.  I kinda hate award shows but I always make sure to watch the red carpet.  So I'm like a pretend award show blogger.  As I sat and sipped wine with my roomie while watching the Oscars we went on and on about Lupita Nyong'o.  She not only dazzled this years Oscars she has pretty much come to every award show prior, hit the red carpet and shut it DOWN.  I could gush all day about what a style icon this young woman is becomig but I'll let the pics speak for themselves.  Who do you guys think was this years best dressed?


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