Some Pinspirations

February 17, 2014

Photos were gathered via Pinterest

Pinterest Oh Pinterest how I love you.  I mean really, who came up with this wonderful website.  I often find myself trapped with a fashion brain freeze when getting ready to leave the house. There's so many trends, so many different fashionable options I could choose, its hard to figure out which one to go with on which day.  Needless to say some times it can be a bit overwhelming for a girl.  I have realized as of recent my current obsession is faux fur vests.  During a recent twitter style chat I came to the realization that I may have missed out on the "perfect" time to buy a good faux fur. What is the perfect time you say?  Well if your a frugalista like me than you try to get all your winter shopping done at the end of the season.  EVERYTHING is so cheap then.  The stores are basically throwing their winter apparel at you trying to make room for the colorful items spring has in store.  

So unfortunately since I missed the faux fur bus I have been pinteresting,  blog stalking,  google searching my life away trying to find the perfect one. Here are just a few faux fur vest outfits that really had me swooning.  Help a gal out... where do you find your "perfect" faux fur vest for the winter?

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