Michael Costello Fashion Show #NYFW

February 9, 2014

This weekend has been a real whirlwind.... but DEFINITELY in a good way.  My wonderful cousin Ryan made all my dreams come true and was able to somehow get us tickets to the Michael Costello show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  How he did it I surely couldn't tell you, but I didn't question it I just sat back and enjoyed.

So lets rewind just a bit here.  The days leading up to the show was extremely anxiety provoking for me.  Figuring out what would be considered as " the perfect outfit" was far too much pressure for one girl to deal with.  After countless hours of shopping,  trying on outfit after outfit, hours of surfing the web for "NYFW street style"  I finally had an epiphany.  WHO CARES!!! And I do mean that in the kindest and most politically correct way.  Fashion is based on our own perception of what you love.  What looks and feels good to us; individually.  No matter what we put on there will always be someone who doesn't like it but OH WELL and GOOD RIDDENS.  If you like it, if you put it on and you feel sexy, confident, happy, beautiful, WHATEVER then you wear it and wear it with pride.  Although my outfit (as you can see in the last picture) was very basic I loved it.  It was mix of exactly what I wanted.  The sheer floral robe was just the perfect amount of girly while the body con maxi dress gave off just enough sexy with the high split.  And just to play on that little bit of sex appeal (remember less is ALWAYS more)  I added a pair of fishnet stockings to up the ante.

OK now fast forward to the show.  It was truly amazing.  The pieces in this collection reminded me very much of the infamous Beyonce Grammy dress, which was a great thing.  There was lots of lace over sheer fabric, with floral patterns and intricate beading.  Although the dresses could have been considered by some as very revealing it was truly in the most tasteful fashion.  LOVED IT.  Really was to die for.

This was an experience that I will never forget, and hopefully is only the beginning of many more fashion shows and fashion events to come for me and my blog.  For more pics of the show please check out my instagram.


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