Mid Calf Skirts

January 27, 2014

Blouse: HM ( Similar here)| Skirt: HM (Similar here)| Tights: Hue| Lipstick: Wet N Wild in Cherry Bomb| Shoes: Steve Madden ( Similar here)

I have had thhis skirt for so long and could never figure a way to wear it.  Although it is a bit more dressy than the normal casual cute look I prefer, an outfit like this would be great for a morning of church with the family or a day in the office. 


Yellow, White, and Blue

January 13, 2014

Sweater: The Loft ( Similar here)| Skirt: Gap (Similar here)| Wedges: Steve Madden (similar here)| Tights: Hue (Similar here)| Watch: Aldo (Similar here)

Nothing is better than a cozy sweater.  I love this one in particular because it's so lightweight I can wear it in the summer ( and I do quite often).  And this skirt is my second favorite skirt in my closet ( first one here). 


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Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

January 8, 2014

Shirt: Gap ( Similar here)| Dress: Gap (Similar here)| Shoes: Madden Girl (Similar and way cuter here)| Necklace: Aldo (Ok not to similar but similar idea here)| Watch: Aldo (Similar here)

Me and my bestie were trying to find a way to characterize my style.  We came up with " cowgirl meets hippie meets foo foo baby."  As insane as that sounds its a pretty accurate characterization of my everyday style.  This outfit is a pretty good example.

I have had this gap dress for years.  I bought it during one of their winter sales and I have to admit it has the least flattering fit a dress could ever have, but I can never turn down chiffon its so light and girly.  By covering the top I still get to show off the fabric and flow of the bottom half of the dress which is really what I fell in love with.

And when in doubt about what shoe to wear throw on a cowboy boot; always works for me.


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Photo Credit: Philip Grant pngrant@gmail. com for all photography inquiries

Christmas Sale Chronicles

January 6, 2014

Sweater: HM ( Similar here)| Jeans: Gap (Similar here)| Boots: I.N.C Macy's (Similar here or cheaper and just as cute here)| Extensions: Long Locks Virgin Hair| Lipstick: Wet N' Wild (Cherry Bomb 918D

So it seems as you get older Christmas becomes more of a time to give gifts than to receive them.  Furthermore, what money you do seem to receive goes all to " The Man" aka the bills.  This year I was pretty lucky.  Most of my gifts were gift cards which created the ability for me to partake in the after Christmas sale high.

One of my fave gifts was a $6 gift card I received through facebook for HM.  OK so even though I can't see your face through this screen I'm pretty sure it resembles all my family members faces when I told them I got a $6 gift card.  Well people you can do quite a lot with $6 on a good sale day.  One of my old youth pastors sent me this gift card through an awesome app called "Wrapp".  It allows you to send gift cards to whomever you want via facebook and email, and the best part, some of the gift cards are completely free to send hence me receiving a gift card for $6.  ANYWAY, back to the point, while on my hunt through the jungle of the H&M sales rack I was able to find this totally comfy and adorable sweater for $15 ( Originally $30).  And with my awesome Wrapp gift card I only paid $9; STEAL.

I pretty much love everything about this sweater.  Its sooooo warm, cozy, and with the small embellishments around the neck its so cute, and excludes the need for a necklace.  Although I don't have one on in this pic some stacked bracelets and cute earrings are all you really need with a sweater like this.  Can't wait to share the rest of my Christmas steals with you guys.  Until next time.


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Photo Credit: Philip Grant pngrant@gmail.com

New Year Remixed Me

January 2, 2014

Blouse: HM ( Similar Here)| Skirt: HM (similar Here or even cuter here)| Necklace: Forever 21| Tights:Hue| Booties: Steve Madden ( similar Here)| Lipstick: Wet n Wild in Cherry Bomb| Extensions: Long Locks Virgin Hair

So one of my New Years resolutions is to keep Guilty of Glitz as up to date as possible.  I Was recently pulled into a whirlwind of a one tree hill marathon that has taken over my life. But that's no excuse, I take full responsibility for my pop culture coma. Admitting is the first step to recovery right people!! 

ANYWAY,  lets address a few things about this post.  As you may or may not have noticed I got extensions!!!!! And I'm sooooooo in love with them.  I ordered them from a company named Long Locks Virgin Hair.  The quality of the hair is truly AMAZING.  Six months ago I ordered these extensions and had worn them multiple times and they are still just like brand new, NO LIES.  

When deciding what to post for the beginning of the year (talk about pressure) I was quite shocked that I have not yet worn one of my favorite print yet; leopard. So thought I'd kick off the year with a mix of this neutral  ( yes I consider leopard a neutral) with a pop of color. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean our style has to be frigid as well. LETS WARM IT UP!! 


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