Who Wears Short Shorts

May 14, 2014

Photography by Phililp Grant Photography

Top: Similar by ROMWE | Shorts: Vintage | Sweater: Similar by Dorothy Perkins | Necklace: Jeweliq | Shoes: Aldo

I was recently asked to help style a new line of T-Shirts by Hustling Spirit for New Jersey Fashion Week and needed the perfect outfit to be stylish while styling.  It was pretty hot that day, and lets be honest,  I wanted any excuse to bust out my super high waisted short shorts.  The perfect way to style a short shorts you ask? Well throw on a cardigan long enough to cover your cheeks and hit the road jack.  

Green Goddess

May 12, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant

Dress: Similar by Target| Necklace: Origami Owl | Watch: Michael Kors

Yesterday, being mothers day and all,  I decided why not get a little dressed up for my momma.  It would be nice for her to see me outside of my normal work or gym clothes.  This little number has been sitting in my closet for quite some time now.  I tend to shy away from it because it is so long, and requires me to wear a heel that will prevent me from tripping and cracking my face open (was that graphic enough for you).  But I love it, it gives me this whole whimsical goddess feeling.  You really can never go wrong with a maxi.

PS:  I recently had an Origami Owl Jewelry party at my home and the items were to die for.  I got this necklace and a few cute charms (yes I'm aware you cant see it close up), but I promise some close up shots of the necklace will follow.  Go take a look at some of their stuff.  It's a great way to create jewelry that characterizes your personality, interests, or people and things that mean something to you.  It's jewelry that tells your story and I love it.


Sending You Sun

May 9, 2014

Sending You Sun

What says summer more than beautiful bright rays of sunshine.  Ummmm thats pretty simple, NOTHING.  But everyday can't be a beacon of sunshine.  Sometimes you have to channel your own bright happiness.  Here's a few picks that can bring out the sun for you on a gloomy day.


Denim on Denim

May 8, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant Photography

Dress: Gap | Shirt: Similar by Delias | Bag: Similar by Sole Society | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Bracelet: Francesscas |  Sunglasses: Gap ( in stores only)

One way I can be sure I won't go wrong,  a little denim on denim.  I have had this Gap dress for years and have always just worn it well,  pretty boring, until now.  It never ceases to amaze me what the wonders of a chambray shirt can accomplish.  You can literally stick it in anywhere in an outfit and it's instant perfection.  I don't care if you're just tying it around the waist either way it is still a winner.  This look is definitely on the list of recyclables.  


Currently Coveting

May 7, 2014

Currently Coveting
Left | Right

As I jump into the Tone It Up Girls bikini series I have been basically living in my gym clothes.  Since I have been a  
professional couch potato all my life I have about 2 gym outfits, and washing them everyday is starting to become quite annoying.  I recently went into the gap to see how much their fit line is.  Although their stuff is beyond cute it was a bit out of my price range right now.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that Forever 21 has a section just for fitness clothing ( that's HELLA affordable) and these pink cuties have totally caught my eye.  PS: I cant wait till I can sport a sports bra without wanting to run and hide.  


Weight Loss and Sunshine

May 6, 2014

 Dress: Similar by Kohls | Shoes: Aldo | Belt: Similar by Target | Necklace: Purple Peridot | Watch: Marc Jacobs

I missed you guys the past few days.  I have started my new healthy endeavor and it has been taking up quite a bit of my time.  Although I am very pleased with my size I have always had an issue with my stubborn gut ( ugly Betty as I refer to her as).  So once and for all I am getting rid of it.

On our last sunny day I took a trip to Long Island to see my fam.  It was a great time as usual, but just like any other sunny day any opportunity I have to be scantily clad, I'm taking it.


Currently Coveting

May 1, 2014

Karen Walker Sunnies

For months I have been trying to rationalize this purchase.  Me being the frugal little devil that I am cannot seem to justify a reason why I would need such an obscenely priced pair of glasses.  To be frank there is only one reason that makes any logical sense.  LOOK AT THEM PEOPLE they are absolutely amazing.  Have you ever seen the movie Sex and the City (of course you have and if you haven't stop reading and immediately log on to Netflix)? Well, when Carrie took back Big and told us "it's not logic its love" that's pretty much how I feel about these sunnies.  So yes I admit I am going to, for once, throw all common sense out the window and go get them.  Trust me for a pair this cute I won't feel a drop of remorse.  

Guilty of Glitz

April 30, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant

Top: Similar by YOOX | Shorts: Similar by Saks Fifth Ave | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Necklace: Jeweliq | Bracelet: Vintage

Talk about an outfit staple.  This gold sequin top is a must have for any girl.  Evey woman needs an item that, regardless of how relaxed it may feel, is simply gorgeous, and this top meets the mark.  I can't even count how many times I have worn this top.  Whether its with shorts, a pair of bf jeans, or a tight pencil skirt. It creates so many awesome looks.  During one of my many lucky sale excursions I was able to snatch this little sucker up and it was worth all of the $20 I paid for it.  You wouldn't even believe where I got this top from for such a low price; JCrew.  Although they have the unfortunate reputation of being ridiculously pricey there sale rack always has a few great gems with price tags that are even greater to your pockets.  Before you count them out give them a chance you may be surprised what you come out with and how much you saved.

Pretty in Pink

April 29, 2014

Photography by Philip Grant

Dress: H&M (Similar by Dorothy Perkins) | Necklace: Purple Peridot | Sandals : Gap (Similar by Dolce Vita) | Watch: Marc Jacobs

Even though pink is my favorite color I seldom wear it.  I'll be the first one to paint my whole room pink, house pink, shoot I would probably even paint my car pink (yes Malibu barbie style), but wear it?  That's usually not on the menu for me.  Back in my days of slaving away at H&M I came across this hot pink dress and just couldn't resist.  It's been about 2 years now and it still is a part of my summer wardrobe.  As long as it continues to actually be able to make its way over my hips it will be attached to my body.


Maxi Madness under $100

April 25, 2014

Maxi Madness under $100 large

The Maxi dress; my favorite summer staple.  There was a time when I saw this dress and it literally nauseated me.  Then common sense hit me like a brick to the face and I came to the realization that this is probably the most wonderful thing since sliced bread.  Maxi's are like super fabulous pajamas.  I remember as a child wearing tons of night gowns, and how comfy I felt all rolled up in them.  Don't be fooled  I was in love my little mermaid nightgown, but I would have to say that a sleek backless maxi beats it every time.  Now as adults we can take our nightgowns outside in the daytime, pair them with a killer pair of sunnies and open toes, and enjoy the day.  This is one summer trend this gal can't wait to slide her behind back into.

Let Your Hair Down

April 24, 2014

{Photography by Philip Grant pngrant@gmail.com}

Top: Zara ( Similar by ROMWE) | Pants: GAP | Scarf: Forever 21 | Shoes: GAP (Similar by Circa Joan and David) |  Sunglasses: GAP ( Sold in stores only) | Watch: Michael Kors | Lipstick: Ruby Woo

Sometimes a girls gotta kick her heels off and just relax.  Don't get it twisted I love the whole glamour girl look and a pair of sky high heels, but every now and then these puppies need a break.  Just because you've decided to take it down a notch doesn't mean that you have to do be boring.  This scarf always makes all my more relaxed outfits a wee bit more fun.  Try just  throwing on a white tee and some jeans and adding a large scarf with a really fun print.  It will immediately liven up the whole get up.


Currently Coveting

April 23, 2014

currently Coveting draft

There are few things in life comparable to my love for white dresses.  It's the one color that breaks all fashion rules for me, hence me not believing in not wearing white after labor day.  Rather, I believe that if I could literally wear white every single day of my life I probably would do it.  Besides the fact that I'm like a 2 year old child, and it's almost impossible for me to keep it clean, it is definitely my favorite color to wear.  These two ASOS dresses have completely stolen my heart.  I can see myself frolicking around downtown in these adorable little numbers all summer long, and with price points under $100 I sure plan on doing so.

Keep it simple

April 22, 2014

{Photography by Philip Grant pngrant@gmail.com}

Top: Forever 21 (Similar by ROMWE) | Jeans: GAP | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Michael Kors | Lipstick: Ruby Woo| Sunglasses: GAP (sold in stores only) | Necklace: Purple Peridot | Bag: H&M (Similar by Charlotte Russe)

I seriously can't get enough of these shoes.  So I can pretty much promise you will be seeing them in A LOT of my posts in the coming months. .  Although there's not much to this outfit sometimes you gotta just keep it simple.  And I mean what beats the American white top and jeans ensemble.  I say NADA.

Shine Bright

April 21, 2014

Top: Gap (Similar by ASOS) | Pants: Gap | Necklace: Purple Peridot | Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Luis Vuitton | Shoes: Aldo | Lips: Ruby Woo

I know you guys are beyond sick of me gushing over this weather but I just can't help it.  I have been wrapped and tied up in layers of clothes and it has been TORTURE. Now I'm just about two seconds away from going sunbathing on the nearest empty sidewalk.  Needless to say,  I have been having way too much fun jumping back into some of my faves from last spring.  These pants (although a little bigger than I remember, cant complain about that) are a great pair for work and for fun.  A lot of people like to wear trousers that actually match their height but I prefer a really long pair that I can wear with a killer stacked pair of heels.  Anything to take my from a midget among men to a tall glass of fabulous.

Cuties Under $50

April 18, 2014

cuties under $50

Satin Jacket | Short Dress | Dress with a flounced hem | Chiffon Top | H&M Biker Jacket

 A few years ago I worked in H&M and pretty much wore there clothes head to toe.  I barely ventured outside of the store to shop at all, but once I left I can honestly say I haven't really been  there in years.  I recently decided to just browse around while waiting for a friend, and was quickly reminded why I love them so much.  They are definitely at the top of their game with tons of standout staple pieces for a deliciously low price point.  They have surely gained my love back.  These items, although super cute,  don't even put a dent in the cuteness that they currently have going on.

A Little Poetry A Little Fashion

April 17, 2014

Dress: H&M | Shoes: Aldo | Bag: Aldo (Similar by Sole Society) | Necklace: H&M ( Similar and cuter by Bauble Bar) | Bracelets: Fashion Fanatics and a vintage charm bracelet | Watch: Michael Kors | Lipstick: Ruby Woo

Besides Sunday being delightfully sunny and 80 degrees there were some other contributors to my pretty amazing day.  I grabbed one of my besties and decided to go for a trip down to South Street for the Just Words Tour, which I have been looking forward to for months.  With all the things I have been through emotionally in the past year I have been searching all over for answers and comfort.  Although I have found much of it through my religious beliefs I've also been able to find some solace in a few other places.The words of  Just Mike, as well as numerous other poets, really spoke to me.  It truly amazed me how many people, all different in their own ways, were able to gather together and find commonality and a sense of community amongst one another during this event.  It was truly inspiring.  Although our creative outlets are very different, it's encouraging to know that one's belief in their own dream can take them to success they never imagined possible with just perseverance and faith.  

Now, on a more fashion related note I pretty much drooled on myself when I saw this dress in H&M on Saturday.  I am a sucker for ANYTHING leopard print but this took the cake for me.  I was looking for something I could wear Easter Sunday that wasn't your typical frilly fufu number.  Yes, I said Easter Sunday, and regardless of how many side eyes and agape mouths you are currently directing at this screen I plan on styling this little number regardless.  

Currently Coveting

April 16, 2014

Currently Coveting

I am anxiously anticipating frolicking on the beach, sunbathing by the pool, and the many vacations in the sun with the ones I love.  But first things first I'm going to have to get this summer body together.  Right now me and my gut have become extremely close friends, and I think it's time to put an end to our relationship.  In an effort to motivate myself to tighten and tone it up I've been scouring the Internet for super hot bikinis.  While reading one of my fave blogs My Style Vita I came across one of the cutest bikinis I have possibly ever seen from The Orchid Boutique.  These two lovely numbers (a little bit past my normal price limit) are definitely on my list of must haves this summer.  Hopefully I will be able to get the body to match the bikini.

7 days of sunshine

April 10, 2014

{ Photography by Philip Grant pngrant@gmail.com}

Dress: Forever 21 (Similar by Dorothy Perkins) | Shirt: Forever 21 ( Similar by Kohls) | Necklace: Purple Peridot | Watch: Michael Kors | Shoe: Aldo ( Similar by Zara)

Finally I think mother nature is done playing with my emotions.  She's thrown me a few good 60 degree sunny days.  It's just enough sunshine and warmth for me to FINALLY get rid of those pesky tights.  Until I get a steady 7 days of agreeable weather I will still keep my winter basics somewhere in my outfit.   Once Mrs. Nature makes up her mind on what direction she plans on going I'll finally pack away the long sleeves and start shedding my clothes layers.  

Currently Coveting

April 9, 2014

currently coveting

I think I have made it abundantly clear that I am completely and utterly in love with boyfriend jeans.  They are pretty much the denim of sweat pants; comfy as all hell but still structured and chic.  Lately I have been on the search for an extremely cute destroyed pair, but have been unable to find one.  I've come across a few of your factory fake destroyed styles, but no true gritty ripped distressed jeans, until now of course.  While doing my normal daily blog rounds I stumbled upon this great pair styled perfectly by Kia Denise of  From My Style 2 Urs.  If your looking for a great pair of boyfriend jeans that will take you to a whole new level of stylish this summer, this is the perfect investment.  I plan on sliding my backside in them real soon.

Statement Making Shirts

April 8, 2014

{ Photography by Philip Grant: pngrant@gmail.com }

Blazer: Gifted (Similar by ModCloth) | Tshirt: Kings Rule Together | Jeans: GAP | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Gap in stores only| Shoes: GAP 

I'm a sucker for a T-shirt, especially one that carries a positive message. These tees have become a summer staple in my city (Philadelphia just in case you weren't sure).  Every party I went to there was always a guy with one of these hoodies or Tee's on.  Needless to say I wanted one, but at the time they only had Kings inspire Kings for men (although I did almost bite the bullet and get it).  Then 2 summers ago I noticed a girl with a Tee that said Queens inspire Kings, and I immediately pulled out my phone and ordered one right there on the spot.  Two years later our love affair continues.

Besides how versatile it is I love the message.  It goes right along with my belief that behind every strong man there is an even stronger woman.  Or that the man is the head but we are the neck.  Our world is full of lots of strong men that have accomplished so much, but in all honesty where would they have been without a stronger woman as their backbone?

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