Fav Fall Lippies

November 5, 2013

Fav Fall Lippies

Along with the changing colors of the leaves comes the changing colors of the lips.  Fall brings forth beautiful scenery and deep dark vampy lips.  Although I hate the fact that I have to cover up so much,  the one upside of the cold weather and runny noses is the ability to switch over to these great lip colors.  

I used to be a huge lover of MAC and sephora brand lipsticks until I stumbled on the wonderful world of Wet and Wild lipstick.  They are EXTREMELY pigmented and long lasting.  Although I do still love a good MAC lipstick I have to say I have yet to find a color that compares to Wet and Wilds MegaLast.

Oh and btw there $1.99.  Seriously you cant beat that.  The tube may not be the cutest but who gives a hoot about a cute tube when you can have hours of longlasting fabulous all over your mouth.  Not this gal.

Todaloo loves

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