The Miracle Skin Protector

January 7, 2013

Putting on makeup everyday has become like putting on my game face. But with the changing seasons and the way my skin seems to vary so much it has become almost impossible to have flawless looking skin. MAC has always been my go to product when it comes to foundations and powders, but I noticed it has been drying my skin out more. And besides that, let’s get real, IT’S EXPENSIVE AS ALL HELL. So in a search for a cheaper alternative that still provides the same quality in coverage I discovered BB cream. BB cream is like gods little miraculous makeup invention for women everywhere. Instead of spending your morning slathering on primer, spf, foundation, setting powder, elmers super glue. .. ok maybe not all that, but you get my drift, you have on product that provides everything you need in one. It offers a sheer coverage for those of us who prefer to look more natural rather than to look like we are wearing a sculpted mask. I started of using smashbox bb cream which I ADORED, but spending $40 on a tube the size of my palm didn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. So on one of my many drugstore excursions I found this bb cream by Maybelline, and needless to say I LOVE IT. It gives me perfect coverage and blurs any and all imperfections, while providing me with remarkable staying power. Shockingly, it performs better to me than its high-end competitors. We won’t be parting ways anytime soon.

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