Often Imitated But Never Duplicated.....

August 8, 2012

If your a makeup junkie like me you are more then aware that MAC (the devious bastards) came back out with some of their fan favorite lipsticks that have been discontinued.  One of the top desired colors was "candy yum yum"; a matte neon pink that screams delicious, and I must admit it is sooooo yum yum.  I planned on ordering it and went online to MAC website and to my horror it was SOLD OUT!!! SO, I had no choice but to do some deep Internet searching and store wondering to find a color close to this. 
This is a breakdown of what I found ... here it goes.... and I'll keep it ALL  the way real with you ladies. 
(far left)-  NYX cosmetics Black lipstick in "Hot Pink".  Its a pretty good duplicate.  The only difference that I noticed was that it is a creamier texture than Candy yum yum is. Which gives it much more sheen than the Matte original does
(middle)- "Fuchsia Fever" by Maybeline.  I have had this one for awhile, and it is AWESOME.  The main difference with this shade is that it has flecks of shimmer in it and is also a creamier texture.
(far right)- (sorry ladies couldn't find the picture of the tube) "Rose Hip" by Milani.  Now this may be almost the same color it is creamy but not quite as creamy as the other two making it almost the perfect duplicate.  PS: its the cheapest of  all the duplicates I found :).
So although your heart may be broken, it's OK.  I promise your sniffles will clear up as soon as you see the super low price tag of all these duplicates and trust me their just as YUM YUM!!

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