" You Already Have My Heart ... So Heres the Flowers..."

July 3, 2012

" You Already Have My Heart ... So Heres the Flowers..." 
  • Friendly Floral Arrangements Dress
  • Gingham Floral Bralet
  • Free People Floral Denim Cotton Shorts
  • All-over Floral Print Pants
  • Asos Magpie Lace Up Flat Shoes With Floral Print
  • Floral Tennis Shoe
  • Asos Leather Floral Satchel
  • ALDO Menches
  • Pieces Nada Floral Clutch Bag
  • Monica Di Creddo Tropicalia Rose Small Ring
    What can I say.  I abosoloutely, Positively LOVE LOVE LOVE  florals.  They are pretty much the bees knees in my eyes. They make any outfit pop, from a floral bag to a shoe, they are an immediate eye catcher. 
    This is one trend I dont think any girl will outgrow.

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