July 3, 2012


Rachel red lipstick / M·A·C Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

So I am a true punk when it comes to the lipstick department.  I usually stay as close to the pinks and nudes as I possibly can.  "The safe Zone". But recently I decided to give this red lipstick craze a try.  I pretty much tried every shade of  red known to man, and ended up with the same bozo the clown result... UNTIL.... I met lovely miss "Ruby Woo" at my local MAC counter.  This red is absoloutely Dazzling BUT way pricey.  As much as I adore it ( and I mean like makes my inner goddess do the salsa, adore)  I just cant realistically bring myself to constantly pay this much for lipstick on a constant basis.  SOOOOO while strolling through rite-aid looking for my usual frivalous purchases I stumbled upon pretty little "Rachel" it is a slight bit different in shade of red BUT honestly the same fabuloso matte finish and pretty red result.... FOR LIKE HALF THE PRICE. SO  the moral of this story is ADIOS MAC and Hello REVLON!!!!

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  1. in LOVE!! Ruby Woo is my absolute fave and it looks good on everyone BUT it's super expensive to keep buying. ill have to try this Rachel Character out. ;)


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