"One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you...."

July 13, 2012

I am totally and completely obsessed with shoes. Although I never actually get around to wearing all of them I tend to buy a million pairs.  I have always wished (like most girls) that there was a place I could go where shoes would be a little more affordable.  Like no matter the style of the shoe the price would stay the same.  Nowadays their are a few websites that offer that option.  My boyfriend has been trying to get me to join Justfab.com, but to be honest its not my cup of tea.  So in my deep and endless search for the perfect shoe website I came across "Shoe Mint" (http://www.shoemint.com/).  IT IS AMAZING!!!!! Every single shoe is $79.98.  The shoes are designed by Nicole Chavez (celebrity stylist), Rachel Bilson ( if you were as obsessed with "The OC" as I was you know EXACTLY  who she is), and the man that made me fall in love with shoes; Steve Madden. IT IS AN INSTANT SHOEGASM.  I suggest every woman sign up for this website ASAP its MORE than worth it.

Here are a few items that had me TOTALLY  swooning...

Deliciously Fabulous

Platform wedge

Peep toe pumps


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