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July 8, 2012

The oh so uncomfortable outfit post. Although I HATE pictures I figured I might as well give the onlookers an example of a broke bombshell outfit. I wanted to highlight a few pieces I wore today that were SUPER affordable.

The dress is from a boutique called lulu's on south st in Philadelphia. It was a steal. I found it sitting very lonely on the sale rack; costing me $35. The shoes (as posted in my "frugalista find" post) are from target at a mind numbing $29.99. And last but certainly not least the earrings, surprisingly, are from the icing. I know, who knew they still had some juice left in them but they were $8.

Bringing me to an affordable total of(drum roll) $72.99!!!!!!!!! YES!!! For a whole freakin outfit!!!!

Just wanted to give u guys a taste of my day to day world. Affordable yet FABULOUS💗💗

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