High Pants High Hopes

July 19, 2012

We've been exploring the wonderful world of summer attire for the past couple weeks.  Well, I just realized when doing some blog cleanup that I didn't discuss the glory that is high waisted shorts.  WELL, let me tell you why I love them so much. I am 5'2 and tiny as a 12 year old child BUT with the wonderful invention of high waisted shorts it creates the srillusion of a cute little booty. Not too much of a booty that it's offensive but just enough to turn heads, and whats most appealing about it is it's not in a trashy way. I know this sounds a bit raunchy, but really ladies which one of us does not secretly desire to be bootylicious.

They are a short -short without being too short.  Now be careful when getting high waisted shorts.  You don't want a short that is so tiny that it reveals too much cheekage.  Remember its HIGH, so when its too high if the shorts are too small you will look A MESS.  So enjoy this trend in a classy way ladies, no one wants to see those cheeks.

High Pants High Hopes

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