Frugalista Find

July 23, 2012

So it's that time again my little bombshells.  Time for me to share with you my mind boggling find.  Well this weekend was my sissy's bachelorette party in AC.  So obviously I needed to look pretty much flawless.  The only problem was that my current financial situation was VERY flawed.  So I needed to be fabulous yet cheap.  While in forever 21 I made the delightful discovery that they have a pretty awesome shoe collection.  The best part is the shoes are OUTRAGEOUSLY cheap.  The mary-janes below (FYI my favorite style of heel... simple and classic) was only $33.  I purchased the black pair but after this post will be grabbing myself a pair of the nudes as well.  And to answer that question that just rolled across your head but remained unspoken;  they are SUPER comfortable.  I partied for 6 hours without even a squeal from my toes!!!


  1. I think I will be purchasing the nude as well. Every female should own a pair!

  2. They are the best.. I wore them to AC this weekend and my feet didnt hurt a bit, not to mention they looked fabulous


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