July 11, 2012

OK so GAP used to be seriously one of the most boring plain jane stores I have ever entered.  I have to say I have always been one of the most anti-gap indivuals on this earth.  But a few years ago, around christmas, I was strolling aimlessley and decided to kill some time in The Gap.  Ever since that day I have been ADDICTED.  Gap has changed designers and is aiming to be a destination store (store people think of going to to find more elaborate outfits).  They have become my go to spot for skirts. In no other store have a found such unique and dainty skirts. 

My second fav thing about the GAP is their prices.  Yes, I said their prices.  Now some of you may have just lokked at the screen in pure confusion, but seriously no other store has better sales than them.  It's almost like their giving it away.  Every skirt I have gotten from the GAP has not been over $10.  NOW dont be confused, this is not an all the time thing.  There is a method to sale shopping at the GAP, and once you master it you and your bank account will become new friends.  They ALWAYS have an extensive sale section.  The trick is to wait until the end of the sale, which usually is towards the times they have new promotions on other items, or sales on the entire store. During those times they will mark down the sale items anywhere from an additional 30%-50%. 

Trust me, the Gap is DEFINATELY a sale shoppers dream come true!!!!  Below are just a few of my fav peices from them  (Bare with me I know I'm a terrible photographer lol). 

Lwt me knwo when you ladies try it out would love to hear about your experiences and teach you the jedi secrets of GAP sale shopping

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