My baby love, My baby love, I need you OH how I need you......

June 4, 2012

So lately I been quite the lazy lady.  Tshirts and jeans have been my poison, but just because I feel like slumming it doesnt mean that I can't look a tad bit jazzy.  My secret little weapon has become the bib necklace.  Yes... I said bib...kinda like what you put around a babys neck except far more fabulous.  It can turn your plain white tee and jeans into a head turning ensemble.  SO.... these are just a few that I have been swooning over that are SUPER DUPER affordable.  My suggestion... get them before there gone. 


Lori s Shoes mesh jewelry
$27 -

Twist necklace
$26 -

Box chain necklace
$17 -

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