Often Imitated But Never Duplicated.....

August 8, 2012

If your a makeup junkie like me you are more then aware that MAC (the devious bastards) came back out with some of their fan favorite lipsticks that have been discontinued.  One of the top desired colors was "candy yum yum"; a matte neon pink that screams delicious, and I must admit it is sooooo yum yum.  I planned on ordering it and went online to MAC website and to my horror it was SOLD OUT!!! SO, I had no choice but to do some deep Internet searching and store wondering to find a color close to this. 
This is a breakdown of what I found ... here it goes.... and I'll keep it ALL  the way real with you ladies. 
(far left)-  NYX cosmetics Black lipstick in "Hot Pink".  Its a pretty good duplicate.  The only difference that I noticed was that it is a creamier texture than Candy yum yum is. Which gives it much more sheen than the Matte original does
(middle)- "Fuchsia Fever" by Maybeline.  I have had this one for awhile, and it is AWESOME.  The main difference with this shade is that it has flecks of shimmer in it and is also a creamier texture.
(far right)- (sorry ladies couldn't find the picture of the tube) "Rose Hip" by Milani.  Now this may be almost the same color it is creamy but not quite as creamy as the other two making it almost the perfect duplicate.  PS: its the cheapest of  all the duplicates I found :).
So although your heart may be broken, it's OK.  I promise your sniffles will clear up as soon as you see the super low price tag of all these duplicates and trust me their just as YUM YUM!!

Frugalista Find

August 6, 2012

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELLS!!! I've been on a slight blogcation.  But don't fret I'm back and ready to provide you with some wallet saving secrets.  Since I've been slightly slacking I decided to skip the formalities and give you ladies your Frugalista Find for the week.  This week I found a awesome website jam packed with numerous items under $50.  This is like my dream come true.  I couldn't figure out the best way to show you guys just how adorable these items were so I figured I'd show you a couple items they have that got me instantly hooked. 
Drum roll please........ it's www.sheinside.com.  Its truly WONDERFUL. So as soon as you check out of here for the day RUN over there and tell me your thoughts.
frugalista find

Beige dress

Button shirt

Denim top

Sleeveless vest

White shoes

I Found What Your Sequin....

July 26, 2012

It's that time of year again.  Well, for me at least, ITS MY BDAY WHOOP WHOOP.  Kinda, in 37 days to be exact.  But it is that time for me to seek the perfect birthday dress.  I think this year I wanna go the Beyonce route, something shimmery, tiny, and fabulous just like lil ol me. But I definitely don't wanna spend Beyonce bucks. Now this is where my frugal senses kick into high gear.  There is no reason why you can't wear the most fabulous stunning dress without spending an arm and a leg.  The dress on the left is Alice and Olivia and pretty freaking cute but it is a whopping $300.  NOW, turn your heads to the right just a bit and set your eyes on this show stopping beauty from alloy.com for $30.  Yes, take that one 0 off and you are now twice as fabulous with 100x more money in your pocket.  Now you have enough money for shoes, bag, earrings, and tons and tons of drinks. This is my bday gift to you little bombshells.

Fall Fashion

July 24, 2012

There's one more month left of this draining god forsaken heat.  So I figured today I would give you a little taste of this bombshells ideal fall wardrobe.  First and foremost you cannot even think about entering September without a pair of light brown to chocolate brown riding boots.  They can be pretty pricey but I've learned that purchasing a pair in the beginning of summer is always the best route.  They are darn near free then.  Stores are preparing for an overhaul of summer shoes so they don't have the space or the time to keep rearranging those husky old winter boots.  In my opinion, Macy's and DSW usually offer the best sales on riding boots. Now, when I say sale I mean SALE.   For example, check out these Vince Camuto boots below, originally over $200 marked down to $40 on www.shoptheshoebox.com (hey the internet has pretty awesome sales to). YOU SERIOUSLY CAN'T BEAT IT.  
Riding boots can go with virtually anything you can think of.  To save some money I usually incorporate my summer clothes into the fall with a pair of tights to keep me warm.  Whats some of your fave Fall outfits...??
Fall Fashion

Lace dress
Print sweater
Dorothy Perkins shorts
Vince Camuto leather shoes

Frugalista Find

July 23, 2012

So it's that time again my little bombshells.  Time for me to share with you my mind boggling find.  Well this weekend was my sissy's bachelorette party in AC.  So obviously I needed to look pretty much flawless.  The only problem was that my current financial situation was VERY flawed.  So I needed to be fabulous yet cheap.  While in forever 21 I made the delightful discovery that they have a pretty awesome shoe collection.  The best part is the shoes are OUTRAGEOUSLY cheap.  The mary-janes below (FYI my favorite style of heel... simple and classic) was only $33.  I purchased the black pair but after this post will be grabbing myself a pair of the nudes as well.  And to answer that question that just rolled across your head but remained unspoken;  they are SUPER comfortable.  I partied for 6 hours without even a squeal from my toes!!!

High Pants High Hopes

July 19, 2012

We've been exploring the wonderful world of summer attire for the past couple weeks.  Well, I just realized when doing some blog cleanup that I didn't discuss the glory that is high waisted shorts.  WELL, let me tell you why I love them so much. I am 5'2 and tiny as a 12 year old child BUT with the wonderful invention of high waisted shorts it creates the srillusion of a cute little booty. Not too much of a booty that it's offensive but just enough to turn heads, and whats most appealing about it is it's not in a trashy way. I know this sounds a bit raunchy, but really ladies which one of us does not secretly desire to be bootylicious.

They are a short -short without being too short.  Now be careful when getting high waisted shorts.  You don't want a short that is so tiny that it reveals too much cheekage.  Remember its HIGH, so when its too high if the shorts are too small you will look A MESS.  So enjoy this trend in a classy way ladies, no one wants to see those cheeks.

High Pants High Hopes

" I got Jungle Fever.... we're in love"

July 16, 2012

Today I'm feeling like an angry Tiger... well I guess Cheetah to be politically correct.  So today's post is a compilation of all things cheetalicious (yes you read correctly I said Cheetahlicious).  It's the only print I know of that goes with EVERYTHING.  I don't care what anyone says IT'S A NEUTRAL.
PS... try it with either Ruby Woo or Rachel lipstick and you will get an instant winning look.


get the look

sunglasses-miu miu/Tank-Topshop/

I just got linked in with this amazing social networking app called "Pinterest."  It is truly a  fashion bloggers dream. I'm the type of girl that sees and outfit in a magazine and it becomes my muse for my next shopping excursion.  So having this app at my fingertips is tre- convenient.  While surfing through different pages I found this GORG outfit.  My own personal style is very dainty so this definitely caught my eye.  Especially because of my deep sinful lust for all things peplum.  So I present to you my new segment to Broke Bombshell entitled " Get The Look".  It gives you the opportunity to click away and recreate some of these killer outfits.  ENJOY!!

"One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you...."

July 13, 2012

I am totally and completely obsessed with shoes. Although I never actually get around to wearing all of them I tend to buy a million pairs.  I have always wished (like most girls) that there was a place I could go where shoes would be a little more affordable.  Like no matter the style of the shoe the price would stay the same.  Nowadays their are a few websites that offer that option.  My boyfriend has been trying to get me to join Justfab.com, but to be honest its not my cup of tea.  So in my deep and endless search for the perfect shoe website I came across "Shoe Mint" (http://www.shoemint.com/).  IT IS AMAZING!!!!! Every single shoe is $79.98.  The shoes are designed by Nicole Chavez (celebrity stylist), Rachel Bilson ( if you were as obsessed with "The OC" as I was you know EXACTLY  who she is), and the man that made me fall in love with shoes; Steve Madden. IT IS AN INSTANT SHOEGASM.  I suggest every woman sign up for this website ASAP its MORE than worth it.

Here are a few items that had me TOTALLY  swooning...

Deliciously Fabulous

Platform wedge

Peep toe pumps



July 11, 2012

OK so GAP used to be seriously one of the most boring plain jane stores I have ever entered.  I have to say I have always been one of the most anti-gap indivuals on this earth.  But a few years ago, around christmas, I was strolling aimlessley and decided to kill some time in The Gap.  Ever since that day I have been ADDICTED.  Gap has changed designers and is aiming to be a destination store (store people think of going to to find more elaborate outfits).  They have become my go to spot for skirts. In no other store have a found such unique and dainty skirts. 

My second fav thing about the GAP is their prices.  Yes, I said their prices.  Now some of you may have just lokked at the screen in pure confusion, but seriously no other store has better sales than them.  It's almost like their giving it away.  Every skirt I have gotten from the GAP has not been over $10.  NOW dont be confused, this is not an all the time thing.  There is a method to sale shopping at the GAP, and once you master it you and your bank account will become new friends.  They ALWAYS have an extensive sale section.  The trick is to wait until the end of the sale, which usually is towards the times they have new promotions on other items, or sales on the entire store. During those times they will mark down the sale items anywhere from an additional 30%-50%. 

Trust me, the Gap is DEFINATELY a sale shoppers dream come true!!!!  Below are just a few of my fav peices from them  (Bare with me I know I'm a terrible photographer lol). 

Lwt me knwo when you ladies try it out would love to hear about your experiences and teach you the jedi secrets of GAP sale shopping

"Hello... My name is Frugal Fashionista"

July 8, 2012

The oh so uncomfortable outfit post. Although I HATE pictures I figured I might as well give the onlookers an example of a broke bombshell outfit. I wanted to highlight a few pieces I wore today that were SUPER affordable.

The dress is from a boutique called lulu's on south st in Philadelphia. It was a steal. I found it sitting very lonely on the sale rack; costing me $35. The shoes (as posted in my "frugalista find" post) are from target at a mind numbing $29.99. And last but certainly not least the earrings, surprisingly, are from the icing. I know, who knew they still had some juice left in them but they were $8.

Bringing me to an affordable total of(drum roll) $72.99!!!!!!!!! YES!!! For a whole freakin outfit!!!!

Just wanted to give u guys a taste of my day to day world. Affordable yet FABULOUS💗💗


July 6, 2012

Welcome to "Frugalista Find". Every week I'm going to post an item that has totally stolen my heart and is unbelievable affordable.
Yesterday I was in Target picking up the 3rd book for the "50 shades of Grey" Trilogy (totally unrelated, although I strongly suggest every women get a copy),  and I decided to take a stroll down the shoe department.  I've been trying not to shop so I already was aware this was a TERRIBLE idea.  And to my delight it was a delicious terrible idea.  Target gets the award for most adorable affordable wedges from yours truely.  These bad boys are only $30!!!! YES ladies, I said $30 for a shoe.  Please pull your chins off the floor.  I couldnt help myself I had to get at least one pair so I settled on the cheetah ones.  I am actually wearing them today with Royal Blue high waist shorts and a cream blouse.  LOVE. Run don't walk and snatch a pair of these before there all gone.

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